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5 Best Tech Webinar & Conference Giveaways

12/23/2022 industry_insights

Technology is becoming more and more prevalent in our modern world. And having your brand on a piece of tech will allow your company to make an impression for years.

Since so many people have become dependent on technology for business and pleasure, why not take advantage of it with promo items as webinar & conference giveaways? There are plenty of choices to pick from, depending on your budget and how frequently host webinars or go to conferences.

With that being said, let’s talk about some webinar and conference swag ideas that we recommend to our customers who are looking for some inspiration.

Conference Giveaway Ideas

Conference Giveaway Ideas

Charger Giveaways

The thing that you most associate with charging your mobile device is a charging cable. Whether it’s a USB, USB-C or a combination of the two, you can add your brand logo to any of them.

There are also wireless charging options, which is a capability that newer smartphones are offering. No matter which charger, cable or adaptor that you decide to put your brand logo on, you know that your company will always be in people’s minds in their time of need.

Best Conference Giveaways

Power Bank Giveaways

One of many people’s worst nightmares is that their phone, computer or tablet dies because they forgot to charge it before they left the house. That’s why power banks are a popular product to personalize with your company logo or messaging.

These power banks come in many forms and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find one that best fits your conference swag needs. Some even provide second functions for extra convenience including keychains and flashlights.

Best Conference Giveaways

Tech Accessory Giveaways

If neither a charger nor power bank sounds like the right fit for your brand, there are plenty of other tech accessories that you can customize with your company logo. A few of the options you can pick from include phone stands, mounts & wallets, mouse pads, flash drives, screen cleaners and small lights.

Webinar Giveaway Ideas

Virtual conferences have become more prevalent since the world changed in 2020 and can essentially be seen as extended webinars. But there are also times that you want to incentivize your potential audience for a webinar that you find important. Here are a couple of branded webinar giveaways that can make great a great first impression.

Conference Swag Ideas

Headphone or Earbud Giveaways

Whether you’re working hard and need something to listen to or just don’t want to hold your phone up to your ear for a whole conversation, there are plenty of Bluetooth options out there. Some people prefer smaller earbuds (especially for workouts and morning walks) while others enjoy the feel of a larger pair of headphones.

Either way, you can put your company logo on both. There are less expensive options if you want a larger quantity for a virtual conference giveaway or more expensive models that are ideal for one-off product prizes.

Webinar Giveaways

Speaker Giveaways

For those brands who want to get an even bigger bang for their promotional product buck, there are an array of Bluetooth speakers available. Some perform multiple functions including seconding as a lantern

Offered in many shapes and sizes, you can have your company logo donned on a speaker from notable brands such as Sony and Basecamp. No matter which speaker you pick, your business will be seen as others around you listen to the sounds coming out of it.

How Much Swag Should I Bring to a Conference?

There are a couple of factors to consider when calculate the amount of conference swag you should order. If you’re going to a conference your company has been a part of before, you should be able to estimate how many products to bring based on the leftover inventory you had or the number of customers who approached your booth who didn’t get anything.

For conferences that your brand will be showing up at for the first time, then you should figure out how many people are expected to attend and ensure you have enough conference giveaways to give to 25% of who’s coming. That’s because it’s a good baseline that will cover more than enough attendees who may go to your booth.

The last thing to think about is the budget you have and what products you feel would make the best impression. Some items are definitely more expensive than others and if you’re handing out something for free, you want to make sure the items help you get the best ROI from your conference experience.

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