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7 Different Types of Pens You Can Use for Swag

05/09/2023 #brandingbasics

Getting ready to stock up on company swag? It can be tempting to buy into expensive, high-tech branded products to please prospective customers. However, sometimes it’s best to stick to the classics.

Even in an increasingly digital world, pens continue to be one of the most popular promotional products. They’re a simple, practical, and cost-effective item that people use everyday – and all you have to do is stamp your logo on one to start spreading brand awareness. So whether you’re giving them as gifts, keeping them in the office, or passing them out at events, here are the different types of pens you should consider carrying for company swag.

1. Custom Stylus Pens

Have you ever wondered why some pens have a cushion-like rubber tip on the top? Well, that tip actually functions as a stylus to use on phones, tablets, and other touchscreens, giving the pen a two-in-one feature.

These custom stylus pens are perfect for the modern business person, as they allow users to seamlessly switch between writing on paper and tapping on touchscreens. Plus, being able to use these pens for two different purposes means they can be used more often, therefore boosting visibility of your brand and logo.

2. Retractable Pens

A retractable pen is one of the most widely used pen types, marked by the satisfying clicking noise that accompanies it. Designed to allow the tip of the pen to be retracted inside the barrel, these pens eliminate the need to keep track of a cap while still ensuring the ink doesn’t dry out.

Additionally, retractable pens can double as a focus gadget for some, as the clicking sensation serves as a common fidget for adults with attention deficit or anxiety. However people are using it, personalizing a retractable pen allows your audience to think of you with every “click”.

3. Custom Ballpoint Pens

A ballpoint pen functions exactly as it sounds, using a small rotating ball made of steel, brass, or another metal at its tip. The ball rolls through the ink that is stored inside the pen, coating the ball completely, then transferring the ink from the ball to the paper.

This mechanism results in a reliable and consistent pen stroke, making them a popular choice for everyday writing tasks such as note-taking or journaling. So, when people go to write their shopping list or start their morning with a journal entry, your brand will be top of mind when they use your custom ballpoint pen.

4. Highlighter Pens

From students to professionals, highlighter pens are a popular writing tool for people of all ages. Their translucent ink allows the underlying text to remain visible so you can easily identify important information in research, notes, or business paperwork. They also come in a variety of bright neon colors, which can add a little bit of fun to rather dull documents.

Beyond the office, these colorful highlighter pens can be used for creative purposes, such as sketchbooks and other artistic outlets. If you’re looking for a pen that’s going to brighten your audience’s day, then highlighter pens may be the perfect promotional product for you.

5. Custom Gel Pens

Gel pens use a thicker, gel-based ink with an almost wet consistency, resulting in ultra-smooth pen strokes. Unlike most pens that come with traditional black or blue ink, gel pens tend to be available in a wider range of colors – you could even purchase shades that are consistent with your company colors to create a cohesive brand experience.

Most gel pens also have a rollerball tip to create precise and neat lines, making them ideal for artistic activities such as drawing, doodling, or coloring. This means they could be a great SWAG option for both children and adults alike.

6. Custom Twist Pens

Similar to standard retractable pens, twist pens are a type of ballpoint pen that use a twist function to extend and retract the pen tip. Instead of requiring a cap to be removed or a button to be pressed, all you have to do is twist the barrel of the pen to keep the ink from drying out. These pens are both sleek and unique, and will look even more elevated with your company logo on them.

7. Unique Company Pens

There are also a selection of pens that are distinctive if you're looking for something that makes a real brand impression that stands out from the pack. These vary from those from top-name companies such as BIC® and Paper Mate® to those with multiple ink colors, a fun look that caters to your specific industry or with handy features like a light.

Although they may seem simple in a sea of tech-savvy swag, company pens are a classic promotional product that will always be used and never go out of style. However – if you’re needing a step up from “classic” – some of our pens do have a modern, trendy twist to them, making them sure to stand out from your average writing tool.

From modern stylus pens to bright highlighters and more, browse our collection of company pens and create a customized promotional item unique to your brand.

Different Types of Pens