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A Message Built to Last

01/21/2020 branding_basics

Promotional products have a shelf life too—choose high-quality merch that will stand the test of time.

Nobody wants their promotional items to be viewed as “clutter.” As time wears on, recipients tend to get rid of some promotional items more quickly than others. Choosing meaningful items that recipients want to keep ensures repeated exposure giving you more “bang for your budget.” Learn more about which products will likely stand the test of time.


Reusable Totes

Give the giveaway everyone will “totes” adore. As single-use plastics are becoming more restricted, reusable promotional totes are becoming increasingly popular. Recipients will appreciate the versatility and associate your brand with being eco-friendly.


Promotional Umbrellas

Everyone can relate to not having an umbrella when you need it. Promotional umbrellas are unique, practical and always appreciated by recipients. According to Advertising Specialty Institute's 2019 Global Ad Impressions Study, umbrellas are one of the promotional products recipients are most likely to keep around the longest.


Personalized Drinkware

From cups and mugs, to water bottles and more; personalized drinkware is a classic promotional item that is always a big hit with recipients. With so many options to choose from, finding a drinkware option that fits your budget, marketing needs and vision is relatively easy.

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