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Are Plastic Water Bottles Safe?

07/14/2023 industry_insights

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness while keeping your employees and customers hydrated this summer, then customizing plastic water bottles might be the perfect marketing tool for your company. They’re a versatile and budget-friendly swag item that can be used anywhere, promoting your brand at the gym, in the office, and on-the-go.

Plus, they come in a variety of sizes and designs to choose from. However, plastic water bottles have a bit of a bad reputation due to concerns over environmental impact and potential health risks. You’ve probably heard about the concern behind bisphenol A in plastics, commonly referred to as BPA, as well as other chemicals found in plastic water bottles.

The good news is that these chemicals aren’t found in all water bottles, and there are plastic water bottles that are totally safe to drink out of and personalize for your business. But if you’re still on the fence, here’s some information you may find helpful in making a more confident promotional water bottle purchase.

Is it Safe to Drink Water from Plastic Bottles?

In general, drinking water from plastic bottles is safe if the bottles are made from approved materials, properly stored, and taken care of correctly. However, when choosing plastic water bottles to customize for company giveaways, it’s important to pay attention to the type of plastic used to truly ensure they are safe to use.

Most reusable plastic water bottles are made out of durable and non-toxic materials such as Tritan, copolyester, or polypropylene. These plastics are tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), guaranteeing they’re safe to drink out of and can safely withstand frequent use. Additionally, most water bottles are now free from BPA – a harmful industrial chemical commonly found in hard plastics.

Beyond investigating the type of plastic your promotional water bottles are made with, you should provide your audience with the proper usage and storage guidelines to further minimize health risks. This includes avoiding exposure to high temperatures or prolonged sunlight, as well regular rinsing and cleansing.

Are Plastic Water Bottles Sanitary?

When used and washed properly, plastic water bottles are completely sanitary. And while specific care and cleansing instructions will vary from bottle to bottle, you can bet on a few general guidelines to keep your promotional water bottles clean and your swag recipients healthy.

After your audience receives their water bottle, they should give it a good first wash. Luckily, a “good wash” is as easy as using warm water and mild soap along the inside of the bottle, the cap, and drinking spout, which means that your audience can wash their water bottle anywhere with a sink. As another option, most water bottles will note if they’re dishwasher-safe on the bottom of the bottle, or in their care instructions.

However someone decides to wash it, this first wash helps remove any bacteria or debris that may have come into contact with the bottle during shipping or while in storage, and your audience should practice regular cleansing from here on out. If your audience isn’t going to use their bottle immediately after washing it, an important next step in keeping the water bottle sanitary is allowing it to dry completely before storing it. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria, which often happens in moist environments.

Additionally, keep an eye on scratches or wear over time, which can also act as breeding grounds for bacteria. Recipients should replace their worn or damaged water bottles as needed – which shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve ordered your promotional water bottles in bulk, but we’ll touch on that later.

What is the Best Plastic for Drinking Water?

As mentioned, the best plastic water bottles are made out of durable and non-toxic materials that are BPA-free. One of the most popular materials is Tritan, a BPA-free plastic known for its durability and impact-resistance. While many cheap reusable water bottles will crack when dropped, Tritan plastic is tough and resistant to cracking when bumped around, making them ideal for sports, outdoor activities, or kids.It’s also a transparent plastic, allowing you to easily see the water level and cleanliness of the bottle. Other options include copolyester or polypropylene plastics, which offer similar benefits to Tritan and are also BPA-free.

Get Custom Plastic Water Bottles in Bulk

Now that you know they’re safe, you can confidently customize your promotional plastic water bottles with Staples Promo. Buying your bottles in bulk not only leads to cost savings, but allows you to have a large quantity on hand for giveaways, conventions or expos, or as staff appreciation gifts.

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