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Back-to-School: College

07/14/2021 seasonal

From students to parents and alumni, discover how promotional products can let your brand be part of the back-to-campus experience.

Show students from freshman to seniors, that your brand understands the college lifestyle. Try getting their attention early at events like freshman orientation, and make sure to continue attending events like job fairs, games, celebrations or even a more casual appearance at the student union. With promotional products, students will race to learn about your organization and begin to associate your brand with generous values and more positive opinions.

Student Ambassadors and Generation Z

The one thing everyone seems to know about Generation Z is that they are well versed in all things technology and social media. According to the Pew Research Center, 55% of Gen-Z use their smartphones for five or more hours a day.

According to the Morning Consult, 76% of Gen-Z follows an influencer on social media, so why not use representative’s students know and recognize. Having campus student ambassadors can be a great way for students to gain real-life work experience while offering your brand an opportunity to communicate your message authentically with the entire university.

Try offering ambassadors a discount code and a “starter set” of things they can share with other students to build a following on social media. This set can include apparel they can wear to class, office supplies they can share with classmates and so much more.

Logo Sweatshirts

When you give students and alumni promotional items like sweatshirts and other apparel, it makes them feel like they are part of the university's legacy. Making them feel welcomed and excited will let them feel like part of the fun, and might even bring back their favorite memories of when they were that age.

Malibu Sunglasses

Custom logo sunglasses are always a hit! Give students a stylish and protective way to walk from class to class without being blinded by the sun.  

Malibu Sunglasses, Cotton Lanyard and Wheat Straw Lunchbox Set

Cotton Lanyard

Students have enough to keep track of their first few weeks of school, make it easier to find their keys, id cards and more with the Cotton Lanyard. Great for including in orientation packages, giveaways and more.

Custom Lunch Boxes

Whether they live in the dorms or commute to campus, college students generally can’t afford to eat at restaurants every day. Try giving students items like lunch boxes and more to bring cheap and healthy meals or snacks to keep them full between classes.

Comfort Grip RFID Phone Wallet with Stand and Webcam Cover

Comfort Grip RFID Phone Wallet with Stand

From walking between classes to participating in a recreational sports team, students are always on the go. Give them one less thing to keep track of with the Comfort Grip RFID Phone Wallet with Stand to keep their cards with them, stand to watch videos and so much more.

Custom Webcam Cover

Students appreciate privacy. Whether they are going to classes on campus, online or a mixture of both, students will think of your brand every time they open their laptop for notes, meetings or simply streaming their favorite shows when they see their branded Webcam Cover.

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