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Back-to-School: Faculty and Staff

06/30/2021 worklife, seasonal

Don’t let their hard work go unnoticed. Use back-to-school as a chance to showcase your appreciation for school faculty and staff.

No matter what they teach or how they help, use back-to-school as an opportunity to celebrate the faculty and staff that help students of all ages at schools across the country reach their highest potential. Discover how your brand can show your appreciation with some of our favorite branded merchandise everyone will love.

Back to the Classroom

Every new school year comes with anticipation and nerves. Whether they are returning full-time or adopting a hybrid schedule, more schools are ditching online learning and returning to the physical classroom.

This is their first time going back to school in person in over a year for many faculty and staff members. After this past year filled with stress, confusion and needing to be flexible that came with online learning, faculty and staff are more than ready to get back to the normal way of running school. That’s why this semester offers the perfect opportunity to go big with your back-to-school celebrations.

How to Show Your Appreciation

Teachers, faculty and staff members give everything they have to their students every day. To avoid them feeling burned out, it’s crucial to make them feel respected and represented for all their hard work and dedication.

The most important part of any staff appreciation effort is the heartfelt sentiment behind it. No matter the budget, making faculty and staff feel appreciated will lead to better morale and most importantly happier students.

While it’s crucial for the school to make efforts in welcoming back to school, more appreciation is always better when it comes to celebrating faculty and staff. To maximize the appreciation, try inviting parents and volunteers to join in the fun and lend a helping hand with the celebration.

Along with the classic appreciation luncheons, theme days, class parties and more, check out some of our favorite products to give faculty and staff as extra-special welcome back gifts.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

12 oz Koho Mug with Colored Handle

Everyone loves a classic. Keep faculty and staff caffeinated and ready to go at home, in the classroom, and around the school with the 12 oz Koho Mug with Colored Handle.

12 oz Zaria Travel Mug

For the ones who are always on the go, make life easier with the 12 oz Zaria Travel Mug. Recipients will love the convenience and showcase their school spirit everywhere they go.

10 oz Colorway Mug

Showcase your staff with the 10 oz Colorway Mug to brighten their day. With almost ten different color options, match your back-to-school swag with your school colors.

LED Cinema Box

LED Cinema Box

For those that light up students' lives every day, go big with the LED Cinema Box. Everyone on the team can keep it in their office, in the classroom to welcome students, or even take it with them to spread school spirit at home.

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