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The Best Lunch Bags for Promotional Use

02/16/2023 industry_insights

Cereal inventors James Caleb Jackson and John Harvey Kellogg coined the phrase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” in order to market their new product back in the 19th century. But did you know that lunch could be the most important meal for the marketing of your brand?

Believe it or not, that rings true because lunch bags are some of the most popular pieces of customized merchandise on our site! These products are a commuter’s best friend and also come in handy for weekend outings to keep everything you want to nosh on in one convenient place.

There are several types of promotional lunch bags, boxes and coolers on our site that you can customize with your brand’s logo. And there are ideal options if your target audience for use are women, men and kids. With that being said, let’s see the most appropriate items to cater to each.

The Best Lunch Bags for Women

Women have a lot to carry on a daily basis including purses, laptop bags and jackets or coats depending on the weather. And adding something to carry their lunch into the mix definitely means that their hands are full.

That’s why the best lunch bags for women are able to fit into their existing purses or laptop bags, that way it’s one less thing to handle if that’s the option they want to take. And the smaller size of the products also caters to the amount of food they eat.

Additionally, the bag should not only fit the style of your brand but should also be chic enough to have a woman feel good about carrying it around on a daily basis.

Best Lunch Bags for Men

The Best Lunch Bags for Men

There are a couple of reasons why men generally use bigger lunch bags than women. The first is the fact that men don’t have to carry around as much (i.e. men usually don’t carry around purses), so they can handle the larger bag.

Secondly, men typically eat more than women when comparing two people of opposing genders who are the same size. According to Ace Fitness, a physically fit male that’s 30 years old will require 800 more calories in a day than a female of the same age and fitness level.

Because of these factors, the best lunch bags for men are ones that are insulated and can hold a generous amount of food & beverages to last through the day. And we also recommend looking at options that make them easy to carry, whether it’s a shoulder strap or a large handle.

The Best Lunch Bags for Kids

Five days a week for a majority of the year, kids go to school and a lot of parents like to pack a fun lunch to their liking. Since children eat less than adults and many have lockers with limited space & backpacks with even less room, the bags containing their afternoon nourishment need to be smaller.

The best lunch bags for kids will be compact with enough room for a “main course” like a sandwich, a piece of fruit like an apple or banana, possibly a vegetable like baby carrots or celery sticks and a snack or two such as pretzels, chips or candy.

Here’s a lunch packing tip from the parents at Staples Promotional Products: You may want to include an item that your child(ren) will try to trade away to their friends in the cafeteria.

Our Promotional Lunch Bags

The choice is yours in knowing which lunch bags would work best for your branding. We offer options that are vertical to take up the least amount of real estate in the office refrigerator and ones that are more horizontal to allow for storage containers to fit inside more easily.

You can also pick from a variety of different colors and some distinctive patterns as well. Not to mention a number of eco-friendly options that let you show your audience that you’re dedicated to reducing the world’s carbon footprint. Our team can help you pick the product that’s right for your needs and budget.

In addition to promotional lunch bags, we also offer a number of lunch boxes that have a sleeker profile and can be easier to carry inside of other bags. Not to mention larger coolers that are designed to bring lunch for more than one person. Check out our entire selection of products that will make people think of you every time they pack for lunch!