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The Best Promotional Sunglasses To Brighten Up Your Business

06/14/2023 branding_basics

Everyone loves a little fun in the sun, including your employees, clients, and event attendees – or really anyone that comes in contact with your brand. So whether they’re savoring summer weather or are living somewhere with a sunny climate year-round, wearing the proper eye protection is essential to them having both a safe and enjoyable time outdoors.

Just as sunscreen prevents skin damage, sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays that can have harmful effects on your eyelids, cornea, and retina. The good news is that protecting your eyes is completely in style, thanks to the variety of shapes, colors, frames and materials that sunglasses come in. This also makes them a fun and functional promotional item for your business to give away or sell as merchandise, allowing you to increase brand awareness all summer long.

If you’re looking to customize some promotional sunglasses with your logo, brand colors and/or slogan, these are a few of our favorite types to choose from.

Plastic Sunglasses in Bulk

Personalizing plastic sunglasses in bulk is an easy and affordable way to give your audience a summer wardrobe staple while spreading brand awareness. One of the greatest aspects of purchasing plastic sunglasses as a promotional item is the array of design options to choose from.

You can customize everything from frame shapes and colors to lens tints, logo placements, and more. This allows you to tailor sunglasses to your brand style and assets, creating a design that is easily identifiable as your company’s. Another perk of bulk buying is its cost-effectiveness. Oftentimes suppliers will give you a discount on certain quantities, helping you save more money with the more items you buy.

Additionally, if you decide to sell your sunglasses as company merchandise rather than give them away, this allows you to increase your company’s profit margin as well. Lastly, purchasing your sunglasses in bulk keeps your promotional product inventory high for the peak summer season. Not only is the sun shining the brightest in summer, but many corporate events, expos and conferences are planned throughout the season to capitalize on warm weather and outdoor space. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of promotional products to go around at these events, instead of constantly ordering more to meet demand.

Bollé Sunglasses

If you’re looking to step up your swag game, there’s opportunities to customize sunglasses from well-known, reputable brands as well. Bollé is one of them, combining fit, fashion, and comfort to create the highest quality sunglasses.

For 130 years, the Bollé brand has been a pioneer in the eyewear industry, developing technologically advanced sunglasses made for performance and protection. Specifically, the brand specializes in sunglasses crafted for outdoor activities such as golf, tennis and cycling.

Because of their focus on outdoor activities, Bollé sunglasses are a great promotional gift option for outdoor enthusiasts or for giving away at company golf & sport outings. You could also include them in a corporate gift basket for clients or a company swag bag. Additionally, instead of giving them away, you could choose to sell them to employees or brand enthusiasts on your corporate merchandise website or store.

Bouton Sunglasses

On the other hand, Bouton sunglasses and eyewear are the industry standard for industrial workers and those working in the trades. The brand was founded 60 years ago with the goal of giving workers safety sunglasses that they actually enjoy wearing.

Anti-reflective lenses, indoor/outdoor blue lenses & polarized sunglasses are just a few of their specialties and they offer a variety of frames to best fit the wearer’s working environment. You can also customize their lens colors for fun or to meet the needs of different lighting conditions.

Since Bouton specializes in functional, work-focused products, their sunglasses may be best suited as a promotional item for businesses in construction, plumbing, or another industrial industry. You could also order them specifically for events where many tradespeople will be in attendance or supply them to construction sites to spread brand awareness even further.

How to Customize Your Promotional Sunglasses

Whatever type of sunglasses you choose, customizing your promotional sunglasses couldn’t be easier with Staples Promo. We offer a wide selection of sunglasses that your audience will love and appreciate, with the option to add your logo and brand colors as you see fit. That way when it’s a perfect sunny day, your brand will be front and center for everyone to see. Explore the entire selection of custom promotional sunglasses here at Staples Promotional Products.

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