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5 Ways to Start Green Marketing

03/23/2022 industry_insights, branding_basics

What is Green Marketing?

Investopedia defines green marketing as “the practice of advertising products or services as environmentally safe,” and notes that it is “part of a larger societal movement toward more sustainable and ethical business practices.”

When your brand implements sustainable practices into your business model, recipients will be more likely to work with you. A HubSpot article found that “49% of global respondents say they're inclined to pay higher-than-average prices for products with high-quality/safety standards, which consumers often associate with strong sustainability practices.” For brands, this can look like reducing emissions, limiting unnecessary packaging, or donating a percentage of sales proceeds to nonprofits or eco-friendly initiatives.

Learn more and discover five ways to implement green marketing into your marketing and branding plans.

1: Choose Smart Packaging

You don’t have to compromise proper packaging for an environmentally responsible message. At Staples Promotional Products we use special Packsize® technology to reduce box sizes by 40% with 60% less void space to limit transportation and material waste.

2: Work with Like-Minded Organizations

Don’t risk your brand’s reputation by working with organizations that don’t share your values. According to Deloitte, 36% of Millennials and Gen Z said they would stop or reduce business with a company whose ethics were not aligned. Working with like-minded vendors, partners or providers ensures that the results you receive reflect what your brand truly stands for.

3: Avoid Greenwashing

Consumers value corporate responsibility and prioritize transparency and honesty. Greenwashing is when organizations make empty promises and unsubstantiated claims to deceive consumers into believing that their goods and services are eco-friendly when they are not. This can be detrimental to your brand image and destroy trust for both new and loyal customers.

4: Encourage Others to Follow Your Lead

Providing sustainable options that encourage reducing waste is an effective way to highlight your efforts while developing connections with a target audience. Recipients will associate your brand with positive values and partnership that organically helps expand your brand's impact.

5: Choose Sustainable Promo

Discover some of our favorite sustainable branded products and check out Branding a Better Tomorrow to learn more about sustainable practices with custom products and eco-friendly solutions.

District Re-Tee®

District Re-Tee

T-shirts are a classic staple to any promotional products collection. The affordable District Re-Tee® is designed with 100% recycled fabric and never re-dyed, made from reclaimed material that otherwise could end up in a landfill. Perfect for celebrating events, thanking employees or volunteers, creating cohesive uniforms and more.

Fun Tote Bag with 100% RPET Material

Fun Tote Bag with 100% RPET Material<

One of the best ways to promote sustainability is to give “trash,” a second life.  The Fun Tote Bag uses 100% recycled polyester (RPET) obtained by melting down post-consumer plastic bottles to create new polyester fiber. Great for acknowledging and thanking sponsors, volunteers and participants at a charity or corporate events.

Wheat Utensil Lunch Set Wheat Utensil Lunch Set

Ditch the plastic to-go boxes and utensils and opt for the eco-friendly reusable Wheat Utensil Lunch Set. Ideal for encouraging healthy eating and eco-friendly lifestyle choices for new and seasoned employees, clients, guests and more.

Eco Can Cooler

Eco Can Cooler

Beverage cans are one of the easiest items to recycle. Give attendees an Eco Can Cooler made with 80% plastic water bottles to promote recycling and your brand’s message at your next event. Perfect for company retreats, tailgate promotions, charity events and any outdoor events.

Green Marketing

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