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How Can Promo Products Improve Employee Focus

02/09/2022 branding_basics

With added time and responsibilities at home and work for many, burnout rates are at an all-time high across every industry. Whether they are currently working at home or in the office, sending branded tools to help them cope with distractions, stress and burnout can help employees see that your organization recognizes and appreciates what they are dealing with.

How Burnout and Stress are Related to Employee Focus

According to the World Health Organization, “burnout can lead to feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, increased mental distance from one’s job or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job, and reduced professional efficacy.”

When a brand addresses burnout and offers support, it can help the employees feel motivated again, which can increase productivity and company retention rates. Providing promotional products that help make workspaces seem more organized is a wonderful start.


Promotional Products for Employees

Journals are great for drawing inspiration, organizing schedules and making plans. Providing journals allows employees to take a productive computer break to avoid feeling drained from constant screen time. Options like the Journal with Antimicrobial Additive or the Moleskine® Soft Cover Ruled Journal are great for encouraging creativity, organization and self-care both during and after work hours.


Work From Home Promo Products

Pens are perfect for adding to gifts like journals and planners. Try gifting the Zebra ® Fountain Pen that is great for effortless notetaking, scheduling and more. For executive gifting, try giving pens with specific purposes like the Trio Pen with LED Light and Stylus to encourage productivity on and off-screen.

Creating Distraction-Free Environments

Having a designated space specifically for work can dramatically improve focus. If employees are working in rooms that are supposed to be dedicated to eating, sleeping or relaxing, it can make it hard to truly focus on work-related tasks. Promotional products that help liven up a space with personalization are a great way to make their work-from-home space feel more like an official workspace.

Desk Accessories

One of the best parts about working at the office for employees is decorating and personalizing their workspace. Bring that magic to their home and try sending employees desk accessories to bring that same personalization with items like the W&P Hydropod plant to freshen the air. Another great option is the Online Meeting Adjustable Vanity Light to brighten their space and have them camera-ready for every meeting.

Tools to Improve Employee Focus

One of the best parts about working from home is the freedom employees have, to be as loud or quiet as they need to focus. Check out some additional customizable tools to help improve employee focus.

Groovin Headphones

Groovin Headphones

Did you know listening to white noise can help improve concentration and memory (Bustle)? Encourage recipients to play white noise while they work with the Groovin Headphones.

Skullcandy Jib® True Wireless Earbuds

Noise-canceling earbuds are one of the best ways to avoid distraction. Try sending the Skullcandy Jib® True Wireless Earbuds to help employees stay in the zone.

Wireless Light Up Speaker

Wireless Light-Up Speaker

Playing music can help drive creativity and improve productivity for many employees. Send employees the Wireless Light Up Speaker to help relight their creative spark and avoid feelings of burnout.

Wireless Mini Cylinder Speaker

Wireless Mini Cylinder Speaker

Part of being able to focus requires being able to take proper downtime. Make sure to encourage employees to focus on their mental health outside of work hours. Try sending items that spark joy like the branded Wireless Mini-Cylinder Speaker to enjoy music while cooking dinner, enjoying family time and exercising.

Employee focus is key, especially since working a remote or hybrid schedule can make distractions pop up more than ever. Check out all of the promotional products you can design with your brand logo throughout our site!