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How to Promote During the Holiday Season

10/19/2022 seasonal

Optimize your marketing strategy with tips and best practices for branding and giving back this holiday season.

Why Corporate Gifting is Important for During the Holidays

When people think of the holidays, they remember their friends, family and fun times over everything else. That’s why it’s important that your target audience associates your brand with a similar relationship or feeling. For example, if your family and friends forgot to send you a gift or check in with you for the holidays, you might be hurt or feel less connected with them. Similarly, if your brand chooses not to send your valued employees and customers gifts, you risk losing the relationship you worked to build during the year.

Who Needs a Branded Gift this Season?

Anyone your brand would like to build or maintain a relationship with within the following year needs to be on your list. They don’t all need to necessarily receive the same gift, but it is important that your target audience recognizes that your brand is excited and appreciative to work with them next year. This list often includes employees, clients, customers and volunteers, and can extend to charities or even other local brands to establish good community relationships.

Gift-giving during the holiday season is also a fantastic opportunity to expand your target audience. If your brand is looking for additional loyal employees or clients, sending small gifts, letters or mailers to potential candidates is a terrific way to start laying the groundwork for future brand loyalty. Even if they don’t choose you, your brand still receives a positive impression that the original recipient can share with their friends and family who might be interested instead.

Gifting and Give Back Ideas for Small Businesses

Across the country, people use the holiday season to give back and make a lasting difference in their communities. Whether contributing to charities, nonprofits, or volunteer organizations, aligning your brand’s values with great causes can have a significant impact on your overall brand impressions.

Check out some of our favorite brands that give back to the planet, veterans and other various charities and nonprofit organizations.

Zion National Park 14 oz. Candle

Zion National Park 14 oz. Candle

Get recipients excited to feature your brand in their home with the Zion National Park 14 oz. Candle featuring a popular “rustic chic,” style. This soy candle is handcrafted in a metal can with a scent composed of desert lavender, sage and dried herbs. For every candle purchased, one percent of sales from this item will be donated to environmental nonprofits through a partnership with 1% For The Planet.

Basecamp® Highland Knit Beanie

Basecamp® Highland Knit Beanie

If your brand offers military or veteran discounts, you may want to consider choosing promotional products that give back to returning soldiers. The Basecamp® Highland Knit Beanie donates a portion of proceeds from the sale to the Warrior Spirit Retreat where warriors learn to heal. Your purchases will make a difference and solidify your commitment to honoring veterans and those actively serving.

Basecamp® Apex Tech Backpack

Basecamp® Apex Tech Backpack

Did you know a 2021 survey found that PTSD was the second-most reported severe mental injury sustained during service, after sleep issues, in the veterans and active-duty service men and women participating in the survey (Statista)? By purchasing a Basecamp® Apex Tech Backpack, you can help veterans get back on track and become a positive force in their communities. Try pairing the Basecamp Highland Knit Beanie with the Basecamp Apex Tech Backpack to show your ultimate support.

12 oz. Miir® Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

12 oz. Miir® Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Seeing how a branded product's contribution is developing helps brands and recipients feel a deeper connection and a sense of accomplishment. When you buy a 12 oz. Miir® Vacuum Insulated Tumbler, 3% of the revenue will be donated to trackable giving projects. Recipients will love the sleek and unique tumbler design and feel invested in your brand’s success.

16 oz. Corkcicle® Wonder Tumbler and Snack Gift Set

Clean drinking water is essential to human health. Every 16 oz. Corkcicle® Welcoming Wonder Tumbler and Snack Gift Set purchased helps bring clean water to people in need. Corkcicle isn’t just providing clean water, every purchase also helps communities in need receive a better education, empower women, stimulate economic growth and contribute to better health.When to Promote for the Holidays

The time to start shopping is NOW! The holiday season is approaching quickly and ends soon after New Year’s Day. If you begin shopping from our corporate holiday gifts now, you can score the perfect gift for everyone on your list just in time. Start shopping today to ensure your custom gifts get here in time.