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Product Spotlight: Custom Tote Bags

06/22/2022 branding_basics

Discover the benefits of branding with custom tote bags and find the perfect solution for your branding needs.

Did you know, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 73% of consumers own promotional bags that each generate 3,300 impressions throughout their lifetime! Make sure your brand is featured everywhere they go with the perfect custom tote bag for every occasion.

On-the-Go with Custom Tote Bags

When utilizing custom tote bags, your brand visibility increases every time they grab their branded tote and leave their home. Choosing the right custom tote can elevate how audiences see your brand. For example, instead of using a single-use plastic bag, try upgrading to a reusable tote. Attendees, shoppers, guests and more will feel they are enjoying an elevated experience and appreciate the extra effort your brand puts forward.

Custom Tote Bag Exposure

Custom tote bags are an effective and inexpensive solution because they act as a “free positive and personal review.” When recipients carry your tote, potential customers will assume that you value having great relationships and are worth shopping or working with. Choosing custom totes that are high-quality, stylish and portable ensures that recipients use it frequently and give your brand the most exposure possible.

Pairing Custom Totes with More Promo

Custom totes are a great alternative to traditional paper, cardboard or plastic gift-wrapping solutions that can be wasteful. When your brand utilizes custom totes to pair with other branded promo products, recipients can enjoy an elevated unboxing experience that they will remember every time they reuse it. Recipients will appreciate your sustainability efforts and enjoy having a convenient way to carry everything they need anywhere they go.

Custom Totes for Every Brand

No matter where they go, people love the convenience and accessibility that only high-quality, sturdy and stylish bags can provide. Discover 3 different levels of custom totes to find the perfect solution for your branding needs.

Non-Woven Shopper Tote

Non-Woven Shopper Tote

The Non-Woven Shopper Tote is a cost-effective option that is ideal for giving to large groups to elevate the traditional plastic bag for grocery shopping, retail stores and farmers’ markets. These bags are also a convenient way to easily give pens or brochures at trade shows and conventions to increase brand visibility.

Fun Tote Bag

Fun Tote Bag

When life gets busy, organization and convenience is always the answer. Give recipients the Fun Tote Bag for an easy, convenient way to keep everything in order on the go. Consider using these logoed tote bags as preferred-client perks and special-purchase rewards. Ideal for grocery store visits or a day of sightseeing.

Large Heavy Cotton Canvas Boat Tote Bag

Large Heavy Cotton Canvas Boat Tote Bag

Set your brand apart with innovative solutions to make special events, first impressions and more with the Large Heavy Cotton Canvas Boat Tote Bag for an experience they will always positively associate with your brand. Perfect for corporate outings, executive gifting and celebrating important employee accomplishments and milestones.

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