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SPP Trends: Back-to-School

07/18/2022 seasonal, styles_trends

Use branded merch this year to celebrate their return to school and encourage everyone's school pride.

Back-to-School in 2022

Kids and parents across the nation are already getting ready to head back to the classroom. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), there are 130,930 public and private K-12 schools in the US and over 50.7 million students based on federal projections.

Many of these students are Gen Z, also known as the first, “digital native generation.” That means most of these students have almost always had access to computers, smartphones and the internet. For your brand, incorporating digital advertising like social media to your marketing strategy can increase your brand loyalty early on. A great example of this would be hosting an online contest where students tag your brand in their back-to-school photos for a chance to win a branded prize.

Back-to-School Branding Benefits

School spirit can be related closely to brand loyalty. Much like brand loyalty for corporations, stronger bonds and closer relationships between the student, parent or alumnus, leads to loyalty and support. For students, this can lead to an overall better environment they are excited to learn and grow in.

Celebrating school pride can also help build community. Events like games, concerts, homecoming, pep rallies and more make residents feel excited to support the school. This can lead to sponsorships, donations and volunteers to benefit the school for generations to come.

Check out the latest branded styles and trends selected by our expert merchandising team to start the 2022 school year off right.