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SPP Trends: Ethical Consumerism

09/30/2021 styles_trends

Incorporate sustainability and your brand’s values with branded products featuring vintage designs, earthly prints and natural colors.

Brand Loyalty, Values and Morals

In times of uncertainty or chaos, consumers want to know they can trust who they are choosing to do business with.  The pandemic has left lasting effects on consumers seeking out the common good. Cause-related marketing and product offerings that are centered around ethical consumerism have become increasingly popular.

Showing that your organization will be supportive not only during hard times but also with community efforts to grow the community will grow your brand loyalty. Encouraging your target audience to volunteer, donate and support the causes they care about too is a great way to build awareness and get recipients involved.

Consumers want to shop from brands whose values align with theirs. These values include whether the brand gives back to the community, uses sustainable practices, is minority-owned, etc.  A vast majority of consumers want brands to support charitable causes. This will lead to brand loyalty as well as differentiate the company from its competitors.

Vintage Designs, Earthy Prints and Natural Colors

Designs that inspire nostalgia, sustainability and community are becoming increasingly popular in fashion. This past year has made consumers value simpler times and desire a healthier, happier planet in the future even more than before.

This collection utilizes retro and vintage patterns, designs and typography to bring that sense of nostalgia. Taking recipients back to simpler times to remember what is important. Treating each other and the planet with respect.

Using earthy prints and graphics is refreshing and interesting. This collection features a selection that can create a sense of feeling grounded and humble. Saving the planet, going green, or being outside are some of the ways nature can be visually represented.

Showcasing your authenticity with transparent values will allow your brand to share messages that convey positivity and compassion with your community and other target audiences. Inspiring a diverse group of people to come together for one cause.

For more ways to inspire fellowship and sustainability, make sure to read Season of Gratitude and Your Eco-Friendly Brand Partner for expert tips, tricks, ideas and inspiration on the latest styles and trends in promo.