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SPP Trends: Everything Old is New Again

11/19/2021 styles_trends

Bring back the classics with branding inspired by 70s, 90s and Y2K bold colors and patterns.

What’s old is new again and better than ever. Discover how bold color pallets and familiar styles will have Gen-Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers feeling nostalgic about “the good ‘ole days.”

Promoting Nostalgia

Almost everything that was once old has been brought back to life again from TV shows, snacks and most importantly styles! In the face of challenging times and uncertainty, consumers are reaching for fond memories of the past. People everywhere are comforted by the familiarity and nostalgia of products associated with their childhood memories.

Today we are seeing a mix of trends originally made popular in the 70s, 90’sand early 2000s in everything from fashion to music and tech.  Consumers are searching for things that bring them joy and take away from their anxiety in our post-pandemic world like old TV shows, movies, styles, colors and songs.

Incorporating “Vintage” Style

Younger generations like Gen Z and Millennials also feel comfortable expressing themselves with their fashion and color choices; often selecting bold, candy-like colored hues creating a playful environment bursting with possibilities. This extends to accessories, appliances, tools and almost everything else.

Another popular go-to for many are tie-dye and graphics that inspire optimistic feelings through positive messaging and pastel hues that put their uniqueness on display. Generation X and Baby Boomers will feel particularly reminiscent of their childhood or early adulthood from the 70s when the style was first popularized. Millennials and Gen Z also have flashbacks of fond memories and think of your brand when thinking of their early memories from the 90s and the early 2000s.

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