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SPP Trends: Promo with Purpose

08/08/2022 styles_trends

Discover branded give-back products to showcase your brand’s core values.

When organizations give back to charities, nonprofits or other organizations they care about, they often receive positive feedback in return. Highlight your brand's generosity while representing your organization’s core values with custom give-back items.

What is Corporate Responsibility?

Corporate responsibility is the expectation or impact that an organization contributes to society, the environment or the community. Showcasing your authenticity with transparent values will allow your brand to share messages that convey positivity and compassion with your community and other target audiences. Giving branded items that give back will help you gain positive brand impressions and build solid brand loyalty.

Corporate responsibility allows companies to make a difference in the world and lets customers feel like they are making a positive impact with every purchase. Your brand can achieve this by shopping from minority-owned businesses, buying sustainable products, contributing donations and so much more. Considering corporate responsibility when selecting promo will lead to brand loyalty and differentiate the company from its competitors.

Benefits of Giving Back with Promo

Donating to charities and nonprofits is a fantastic way to show your brand's morals and values align with theirs. A study by a corporate social responsibility organization, Cone Communications, found that 87% of buyers will purchase a product because the company supports a cause they care about.  Using promotional items featuring a nonprofit organization with your brand reminds participants that your brand is part of the community and is dedicated to making the world a better place.

Discover some of our favorite branded give-back items and learn more about how your brand can contribute.