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SPP Trends: Safely Sporty

12/10/2021 styles_trends

Discover overall wellness and give recipients the gift of better safety, activity, health and overall wellbeing.  


Safety Sporty is a deeper exploration into different ways everyone can navigate their fitness journey with products to support all fitness goals. Discover how your brand can implement athletic styles, preparation, nutrition, and recovery into your branding solutions.  


Colors and Fabrics with a Purpose 


Certain colors can give off multiple meanings such as calmness and security or confidence and creativity. These elements are then combined with graphics, designs and lifestyle images to encourage recreational activities, even from the comfort of your own home. You can combine that with the fabrics that have hidden features like moisture-wicking and UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) features.  


Moisture-wicking fabrics are always a fan favorite because they not only help you stay cool with built-in breathability but also absorb the moisture away from your skin. For an upscale feeling, try swapping out cotton materials for a moisture-wicking material for any athletic or outdoor occasion.  


Stretching and Preparation 


Stretching regularly can reduce the risk of muscle strain and other common associated with recreational activities, working out and more. Dynamic stretching before exercising can help increase mobility by loosening up ligaments and joints, warming up muscles and even improving blood pressure and heart rate.  


Nutrition and Recovery 


Every day, the foods we choose to eat fuel our bodies and can affect our overall health and wellness. Good food choices can help set us up for successful days at work, energetic activity and general better wellbeing overall.  


Encourage recipients to skip the greasy takeout bag and soda and instead encourage them to bring healthier food and drink alternatives from home in reusable lunchboxes, food containers, drinkware and more.  


Discover overall wellness and give recipients the gift of better safety, health and overall wellbeing.  



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