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SPP Trends: Spiritual Self Discovery

05/02/2022 styles_trends

Learn how promoting self-care and healing with custom promotional products can benefit your brand.

What is Spiritual Health?

Spiritual health is unique to the individual and can manifest in the form of self-care, meditation, family time, slowing down, connecting with nature, healing your inner child, or giving back. Looking within, one may find everything from emotional turmoil to spiritual clarity. It is with this self-reflection that we can look forward and meet our own needs first so that we may meet the needs of our community.

Intentional Routines

Creating an intentional routine can help us take time to self-reflect and care for ourselves. Taking personal time to read a book, stretch, or meditate is a fantastic way to promote healing that leads to happiness and productivity. Even making a morning cup of coffee, having a skincare routine, maintaining cleaning habits or other scheduled activities can become small ceremonies for self-care.

Family History and Healing Their Inner Child

Uncertain times have made the idea of family more important than ever. Discovering cultural heritage gives everyone a sense of community and belonging with family history and cultural traditions. Encourage recipients to live to the fullest, dance like nobody's watching, decorate without restriction with products that allow them to express themselves.

With a push toward the importance of mental health, healing our inner child has become the center of conversation. On social media, #innerchild can be found on TikTok with over 500 million views and on Instagram with 1.1 million posts. Helping heal recipient's inner child can be as simple as providing items and experiences that help them reflect on their childhood and grow or heal from their experiences.

Natural and Fresh Graphic Inspiration

The muted jewel tone color palette is comforting and refreshing, invoking a calm yet productive reaction. Natural materials and textiles feel safe and cozy while clean prints and lines feel invigorating and fresh. Branding is sleek and intentional so that it looks aesthetically pleasing and becomes part of the design.