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SPP Trends: Sun Protection

06/20/2022 styles_trends

Check out the latest branded sun protection to start summer off on the right foot.

Did you know that every summer almost half of American adults get a sunburn (Value Penguin)? Make your brand a part of their outdoor adventure with our collection of the latest styles and trends for fun-in-the-sun products.

Importance of Sun Protection

The brightness of the sun is one of the best and worst parts of summer. Whether they are going for a swim, taking a hike or just enjoying the great outdoors, everyone needs to take measures to protect themselves from the sun. This gives your brand the opportunity to provide branded items to protect them from harmful UV rays and the risk of overheating. This can be achieved with sought-after branded items like sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and lip balm. If you are looking for a unique solution, try providing items like umbrellas, pop-up tents and more.

Promoting Sun Protection at Corporate Events

You don’t want recipients to associate your brand with a bad sunburn. When recipients are spending time with your brand, you are responsible for ensuring it’s a positive experience. It’s important to keep the natural elements in mind when planning outdoor events. Whether hosting a corporate camping trip or pool party, think ahead and provide solutions that will help guests avoid overheating, sunburning or getting bitten by bugs. Providing items like sunscreen, water, bug spray and anything to make them more comfortable will help recipients build trust with your brand.

Fun in the Sun Promo

No matter what activities they find themselves doing this summer, friends and families everywhere will be excited to get out and enjoy the nice weather. Using bright, fun colors will make them remember to grab their sun protection before they leave. Incorporating popular retro 70’s styles, colors and graphics that are cheerful and nostalgic help recipients see your brand as “an old friend,” that they can rely on all year.

Discover everything from sunscreen to pop-up tents and the most current sunglasses for branded products to make the most out of summer without sun damage.