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Start the Shopping Season Early!

08/24/2022 seasonal

Don’t wait till the last minute. Shopping early for personalized gifts ensures that your orders can be delivered on time without any production or delivery delays.

Start planning your holiday marketing strategy and shop early with trending merchandise from the corporate holiday gifts that are part of our Seasons of Gifting.

Planning Holiday Gift Giving

It’s easy to tell when a gift is thrown together at the last minute. A poorly executed gift will feel unimportant and recipients will associate that poor planning with your brand. Shopping early allows your brand to strategically find a gifting solution that is effective and personalized. Show your target audience how much your brand appreciates them with personalized gifts to let them know how excited you are to work with them in the new year.

Planning a successful holiday season is stressful enough without any last-minute errors. To make it easier, our experts made sure to create a no-sweat shopping experience for brands of all sizes to choose, customize and either order online or with a Staples Promo Representative for the perfect promo solutions.

Planning Employee Appreciation

The holidays offer a fantastic opportunity to recognize all employees' milestones and accomplishments of the year with promotional products featuring your logo. It’s important to make a real effort to plan holiday celebrations with parties, gifts and more to ensure they feel represented. Employees will appreciate the gesture and feel encouraged to continue pushing the limits and contributing the same hard work, dedication and loyalty in the upcoming year.

Check out branded gifts that are great for employee appreciation and more.

Sherpa Blanket

Custom Sherpa Blanket

The holiday season is traditionally a time to cozy up with friends and family to enjoy each other's company. Make your brand part of the family with the luxurious branded Sherpa Blanket.

Hugo Copper Tumbler

Copper Tumbler with Lid<

Need a crowd pleaser? Try gifting the Hugo Copper Tumbler for a gift everyone will love. Ideal for insulating both hot and cold beverages, these branded tumblers make a great gift for commuting employees or clients.

Skullcandy Jib® Wired Earbuds with Microphone

Skullcandy Jib Wired Earbuds

Encouraging employees to listen to music, podcasts and more can inspire creativity and increase productivity. Outside the office, recipients can enjoy branded gifts like the Skullcandy Jib® Wired Earbuds with Microphone while exercising, running errands, traveling and so much more.

Sweet Thanks Food Gift Set

Snack Gift Set

Everyone loves a good snack. The Sweet Thanks Food Gift Set is ideal for satisfying a large group of your target audience at holiday events, parties and more.

Illuminating Bluetooth® Speaker

Illuminated Bluetooth Speaker

Take the party everywhere with the Illuminating Bluetooth® Speaker. Recipients can enjoy playing their favorite music at holiday parties, birthday celebrations, picnics, tailgates and more. Your brand will be on display all year for all their friends and family to remember.

Titleist Pro V1® Stock Golf Tin

After the holiday season is over, golf season is right around the corner. Get everyone excited to get back on the green with the Titleist Pro V1® Stock Golf Tin. Perfect for executive gifting, these branded golf accessories can act as an invitation to follow up with your brand in the spring.

There are so many promotional products on our site that you'll be sure to find the right ones to use as gifts this holiday season!