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What is Sustainable Marketing?

03/16/2022 branding_basics

Learn about the growing importance of sustainability and how eco-friendly products can grow your branding.

What is Sustainable Marketing?

The main goal of sustainable marketing is to promote socially responsible and often eco-friendly products, services and practices. For brands, this means implementing business practices dedicated to protecting the environment. This can also benefit brands who extend and highlight their efforts to make a change and encourage their consumers, employees and communities to do the same.

Why is Sustainable Marketing Important?

Simply put, consumers prioritize working with brands that value eco-friendly and sustainable business practices, over those that don’t. According to a 2020 study done by IBM, 57% of consumers are willing to change their shopping habits to be more environmentally conscious. This same study also found that nearly eight of out 10 respondents stated that sustainability is important to them.


Choosing the right promotional products shows that your brand cares about limiting waste and improving the overall quality of the planet. It’s important to select products and partners that use environmentally friendly production practices and avoid being associated with those that are negatively impacting the planet.

Working with Sustainable Partners

Staples Promo works hard to make sure our merchandise, distribution and decoration positively impact the planet. That's why we strive to work with top eco-friendly vendors like PCNA to provide sustainable, current, on-trend, and impactful options to effectively support your brand’s values and messaging.

Check out some of our favorite sustainable and eco-friendly options from our trusted vendor, PCNA.

Top Sustainable Promotional Products

tentree® Ladies' Organic Cotton Classic Hoodie

The best hoodies are always the ones that are designed to be long-lasting, comfortable and high-quality. The tentree® Ladies' Organic Cotton Classic Hoodie is made with Fairtrade certified 100% organic cotton for cleaner, comfier wear. Ideal for welcoming new clients, employees and more to showcase your brand’s dedication to making the world a better place starting from day one.

tentree® Organic Cotton Cable Blanket

Blankets are the perfect addition to any home. Treat clients, employees and more to a custom tentree® Organic Cotton Cable Blanket they can be proud to own. Through a partnership with 1% for the Planet, 1% of the sales of this item will be donated to nonprofits dedicated to helping protect the planet.

Eco Color Bound JournalBook®

Taking notes and doodling designs is great for collaboration, organization and creativity but traditional journals can seem like a waste of paper. Give employees, associates and participants the Eco Color Bound JournalBook® designed with 45% recycled content to maximize results while minimizing waste.

Arctic Zone® Repreve® Recycled Lunch Cooler

When employees bring their lunch from home, it helps them save money, eat healthier and reduce their use of to-go bags, plastic cutlery and straws. Designed with Repreve® 600-denier polyester made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, the Arctic Zone® Repreve® Recycled Lunch Cooler is great for encouraging employees to start making healthier choices for themselves and the planet.  

Start shopping! Explore our top sustainable promotional products for effective advertising and marketing solutions for your brand.