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What to Consider When Buying Promo

09/28/2022 Branding_basics

Why Promo Works

Did you know distributors receive a 35% profit margin on average when they utilize promotional products (Advertising Specialty Institute)? Promotional products do more than just advertise a brand; they convey a brand's true essence, share information, foster relationships and so much more.

Choose the most effective, stylish and innovative branding solutions for tradeshows, conferences and all your marketing needs.

Promoting with Event Essentials

Thinking ahead to organize shows recipients that your brand is professional and prepared. Going the extra mile with special features or experiences like kits, online stores and more are great for avoiding “just handing over,” an item. Consider items like the Large Sports Pack to offer information, gifts and other essentials to recipients at tradeshows, sign-in tables, conferences and any other event.

Large Sports Pack

Even if you are hosting or participating in an online event, offering complimentary items like the Color Pop Earbuds with Microphones are great for enhancing the experience. Recipients will feel like you went above and beyond to ensure they feel included and prepared even if they can’t be with you in person.

Color Pop Earbuds with Microphone

Style and Usage

The goal of purchasing promotional products should always be continuous usage. Choosing products designed with current styles and high-quality materials is half the battle. When shopping for branded merchandise, consider thinking about how often recipients will use this product. Items like the Push-Button Aluminum Flashlight is stylish, sturdy and ideal for using at home, in the car and in everyday use.

Push-Button Aluminum Flashlight

Branding Under Budget

No matter your marketing budget, it’s always best to be under budget. Especially when promoting to large groups, shopping our wide variety of budget-friendly items can ensure your brand has enough to share with everyone.

Staying on budget is ideal, however; cost-effective items should never feel or seem cheap. When you compromise quality, your risk recipients comparing your brand with low-quality products. Instead of wasting your money on products that they won’t keep, opt for items like the 28 oz. Poly-Clear™ Fitness Water Bottle they can use again and again.

28 oz. Poly-Clear™ Fitness Water Bottle


Everyone wants to work with brands whose values align with theirs. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 46% of consumers have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promo product they received was eco-friendly.

Incorporating sustainability into your marketing is a wonderful way to show your brand’s commitment to the planet and your commitment to your audience. Any effort helps whether choosing from items made from recycled materials or items that eliminate single-use plastic, recipients will appreciate the dedication to the environment. Instead of standard legal pads and pencils, consider upgrading to the 5" x 7" Eco Spiral Notebook & Pen for a more sustainable gifting option.


Maximize your branding with these important things to consider when purchasing promotional products.