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Branding: Education Edition

03/22/2019 branding_basics

Educating students is the most important initiative of your organization.


But it’s also important to provide education about your brand while ensuring it stays intact. The right marketing strategies can help you reach potential students, keep alumni engaged and help faculty and staff feel appreciated, all while promoting your institution.


Staples offers unparalleled protection and consistency. We value your brand and the integrity of your assets. All of our vendors are carefully vetted to ensure the highest quality product safety compliance and brand protection, keeping you worry-free on the representation of your brand.


No matter the specific goal, promotional merchandise can help you achieve higher levels of engagement from those that matter.


Attract new students

Whether your recruitment efforts are focused on the students themselves or their parents, it’s important to get your institution’s name out there. To accomplish this, make sure your school has a large presence at community events. Ensure that your branding is highly visible with logoed products that event attendees will keep and carry often, such as complimentary branded backpacks or bottles. Or consider logoed flash drives pre-loaded with information about your program to keep your institution top of mind.


Show school spirit

Your students and alumni should be proud of the education they received at your establishment. Help them show it with products they can use every day. All kinds of apparel, from branded T-shirts to polos and athletic wear, are great options. Also consider bumper stickers, magnets and even such supplies as pens, pencils or notebooks. These products can be offered for sale at campus bookstores or as incentives for alumni and community members who donate funds to your school.


Celebrate staff and faculty

Don’t miss the opportunity to show gratitude to those who truly ensure your program’s success: your faculty and staff. Foster a positive culture among your school community with appreciation gifts they’ll love. Sweatshirts make excellent gifts and allow your staff to show off their school pride. Also, be sure to reward employees for milestone service anniversaries with unique, branded gifts. High-quality writing instruments or plaques are perfect for just such situations.


Utilize the power of promotional merchandise to educate and raise awareness of your brand.