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Coat vs Jacket: Branded Winter Essentials Comparison

11/17/2022 seasonal

Everyone loves custom outerwear. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, outerwear items like custom jackets and coats are kept for an average of 16 months, generating 6,100 impressions over their lifetime. Unlike other items that stay at home or are only worn once a week, outerwear can be worn more often giving your logo the chance to gain almost double the exposure with the public on average.

Since the styles are so versatile and can be worn for several years, outerwear items like jackets and coats are one of the most reliable choices for promotional products. Discover how you can score with custom jackets & winter coats and learn how to make the best selection for your branding needs.

What’s the Difference Between a Jacket and Coat?

Even though the terms jacket and coat are used interchangeably a vast majority of the time, there are a few differences between the two. For starters, a jacket is a more lightweight piece of outerwear that stops at the hip while a coat tends to be heavier and can fall below the hip.

In terms of warmth, a coat is typically warmer than a jacket due to the thickness of the garment used. However, there are some exceptions such as ski jackets since those are designed for harsh winter weather that is associated with activities like snowboarding and skiing.

Coat vs Jacket

Jacket vs Coat: When to Brand with Which

When selecting any custom apparel items, it’s important to consider the climate. If your audience lives in an area that hardly ever gets cold, customizing a lightweight jacket rather than a bulky coat is an obvious choice. However, it’s a safe bet that, where it gets cold enough for a bulky coat, it will also be mild enough to enjoy a lightweight jacket during fall or spring.

Custom jackets and coats are also particularly great for sharing with employees and other team members. Depending on their position, if they are frequently outside, in freezers or just generally in cold weather, providing a branded coat can act as a uniform. If they are in an office, storefront or medical setting, providing a branded lightweight jacket they can keep on hand will promote your brand while keeping them happy.

Both options will make recipients excited and prevent your brand from being covered up by a non-branded jacket or coat.

Jacket vs Coat

Customizing Jackets and Coats

When customizing jackets and coats, it’s important to keep material, logo location and size in mind. If you have a custom lightweight fleece jacket in mind, choosing an embroidered logo is a great idea. However, if you are looking for something like a rain jacket, a screen print might be a better option for your branding needs. Whatever you have in mind for your branded jackets, Staples Promotional Products has the capabilities, experts and experience to ensure that your jacket fits every specification you have.

It’s also important to consider whether to opt for men’s and unisex or women’s apparel for your branding needs. If your audience has both men and women, choosing men’s and unisex styles are the perfect fit for everyone on your team. Women’s fit jackets and coats are designed with different body shapes in mind, some women prefer having the extra shape, while others prefer having a looser fit. Giving recipients a choice of which they prefer will ensure they feel comfortable enough to wear it long-term.

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