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Product Spotlight: Custom Yoga Mats

05/30/2023 branding_basics

Originating in ancient India, yoga is a common wellness exercise that brings balance to your body, mind, and spirit. It benefits both your physical and mental health, improving your flexibility and strength while also reducing stress and relaxing your mind.

Additionally, it can be practiced in a studio, at home, at the gym, or in nature, which is why yoga mats are one of the best promotional products for boosting brand awareness and promoting health and wellness. If you’re looking to personalize a custom yoga mat for your upcoming company event, here’s what you need to know.

Should a Yoga Mat Be Thick or Thin?

Yoga mat thickness can range from a mere 1 mm to a cushiony 10 mm and choosing the thickness of your yoga mat all comes down to your personal preference and the type of yoga that you’re performing.

Thin yoga mats are typically 1-2 mm thick, providing a closer connection to the floor. This is key for two reasons: first, it allows for enhanced stability and balance, which is why they are particularly well-suited for dynamic yoga styles like Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga.

These are more active practices that require swift transitions and strong poses, where maintaining a steady balance on the ground becomes essential. Additionally, less cushioning allows those practicing these styles to stay in tune with subtle shifts in their body, deeply engage their muscles, and develop greater body awareness.

Second, thin yoga mats encourage a more direct connection to the earth, which can be key when practicing Grounding Yoga. Also known as Earthing Yoga, Grounding Yoga is the practice of establishing a connection between your physical body and the earth. This practice is preferred to be completed outside with no mat, but can also be done either indoors or outdoors with a very thin yoga mat for a nearly direct connection to the ground.

On the other hand, thick yoga mats are usually three to five millimeters thick, with some of the thickest ranging from six to ten millimeters. Their extra padding and plush feel are particularly beneficial for less active or therapeutic practices, such as restorative or Yin Yoga. These yoga styles involve longer holds and stretching, and the extra cushioning of the mat can offer comfort, alleviate pressure on joints, and allow for deeper relaxation and release.

Additionally, thick yoga mats are an ideal choice for beginners, or for individuals with limited mobility. The cushioning helps reduce strain on the wrists, knees, and other joints used, allowing you to ease into poses and maintain alignment with a bit more support. It also offers a soft and supportive surface to modify poses and adapt the practice to your personal needs.

If you’re creating custom yoga mats as a promotional product and are wondering which thickness to go with, think about your audience and their needs. For example, if you’re a yoga studio specializing in Yin Yoga, your clients will likely be shopping for a thick yoga mat meant for restorative practices. However, if you’re a company attending a health or wellness convention with no knowledge of your audience’s yoga habits, a thin yoga mat would be the safe choice, as they’re easily packable for travel.

How to Clean a Yoga Mat

While the practice of yoga itself is focused on improved health and wellness, a dirty mat can have the opposite effect. Not only are gyms and yoga studios breeding grounds for germs, but your mat is constantly in contact with bare skin, sweat, and the floor, which can lead to bacteria growth and odors on your mat.

This is why cleaning your own mat after every use is important, and why it’s even more essential to clean shared mats offered by your place of practice – you wouldn’t want to spread germs to your fellow yogis. Buying a premade solution from the store is one way to clean your yoga mat.

However, it’s likely you already have the necessary products at home to create your own routine cleaner. Simply mix warm water and a few drops of dish soap – and don’t add too much soap – to create your DIY solution. From there, take a rag or cleaning towel and dip it in the soapy water, then proceed to wipe down your mat. You can also soak your entire mat in soapy water for a deeper clean, but always make sure you check the care instructions for your mat first.

Why Choose Personalized Yoga Mats?

Custom yoga mats are the perfect promotional item for yogis, or for audiences focused on general health and wellness. They’re an item that will be used often in public spaces, such as yoga studios, local gyms, and parks, which means your company name and logo will be out and about for everyone to see.

Additionally, it showcases your company values, as recipients will see that you value healthy habits and their general well-being. Whether you go with a thick or thin one, shop our selection of yoga mats and personalize them with your company logo to maximize brand awareness at your next event.

Custom Yoga Mats