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Flu (Free) Season

08/05/2021 health_wellness

Flu season typically starts around October and lasts almost six months out of the year. That means your employees, clients and more are at risk of being too sick to work or missing opportunities to interact with your brand for half of the year. Use flu season as an opportunity to show your audience how much your brand cares about staying sanitary and keeping them flu-free.

What are the best ways to prevent the flu?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “the single best way to prevent seasonal flu is to get vaccinated each year.” The CDC also recommends practicing good health and hygiene habits like—avoiding people who are sick, covering coughs, limit touching your face and washing hands frequently can all help stop the spread of germs and decrease everyone’s chances of getting the flu.

How Your Brand Can Fight Flu Season?

No matter your audience, everyone can and should take measures to minimize their risk this flu season. Using branded merchandise can be a great way to establish your brand as a caring, thoughtful and safety-oriented organization that cares about their employees, clients and community health and wellness. Every time a recipient sees your logo while using their “flu fighter gear,” they will thank you for minimizing their risk, keeping others healthy and caring enough to provide the materials to give them the extra piece of mind.

Check out some of our favorite items for giving your audience flu (free) season that are ideal for any industry.

Health and Wellness

Branded Tissues, Hand Sanitizer and Face Masks

Every industry can benefit from promoting healthy habits during flu season, not just in the medical field. No matter the occasion, ensure they don't catch the flu before, during or after the event by providing important health and wellness promotional items like tissues, hand sanitizers and face masks to minimize exposure and promote frequent sanitization. From schools, offices and stores to tradeshows, conferences and events, everyone will feel more comfortable and safe from the flu and other illnesses like COVID-19 while still interacting with your brand.

Mugs, Mugs, Mugs

Branded Coffee Mugs

If they do unfortunately catch the flu, be there and nourish them back to health with a nice cup of tea or their favorite hot soup. When your brand gives a personalized mug, employees, clients and more will thank your brand for making the flu more bearable. Once they are no longer sick, they will remember how your brand made them feel better every time they see your logo on their new favorite mug.

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