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Gourmet Gifting Guide

09/01/2021 branding_basics

Food has a way of bringing people together. Whether meeting for the first time, catching up, celebrating a milestone or reminding them to come again soon, food is a universal way to welcome and build relationships with every audience.

Say bon appétit with your branding and discover how products from our food and drink collection can leave a lasting brand impression.

Why Food Works

When it comes to making a memorable impression with recipients, tasty treats are the way to go. Suckers at the front desk, mints on the pillow, complimentary peanuts and more— treats, sweets snacks and more can become a part of your brand’s experience.

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found a direct link between the region of the brain responsible for taste and memory. Additionally, the study found that taste is associated with memories of being in a location where something positive or negative happened.

When your brand gives food products, recipients will associate your brand with their excitement and remember your organization long after. Recipients will also be more likely to return with the positive association they have after receiving that smaller treat.

Food for All

No matter what your industry is, food can be a great tool to make an experience more memorable. Depending on your marketing budget, small items like cookies, mints or candy are a great way to reach a large audience. Offering small snacks or candy is ideal for handing out at offices, banks, grocery stores and more.

For more exclusive clients, potential buyers or smaller audiences, bundles can be a great way to impress everyone. Recipients will see them as luxury items and appreciate the creativity and practicality of the set. Check out some of our favorite bundles and kits below.

Family Taco Night

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Say “hola” with the Family Taco Night set! This set includes almost everything they will need for a taco Tuesday, fiesta and family dinners. Perfect for welcoming new clients, impressing potential buyers and celebrating milestones.

Plant-Powered Must-Haves Gift Set

Gourmet Food Gifts

Every year, more people across the world are discovering the benefits of eating plant-based meals and choosing to become vegan or vegetarians. When your brand shows that you care and honor their diet choices, recipients will feel respected and be impressed by your brand’s consideration.

Burger Boss Gift Set

Best Gourmet Gift Baskets

There is nothing more All-American than a great burger. The Cuisinart® XL BBQ Spatula, ideal for lifting multiple burgers at a time will become a favorite cooking tool and this mouth-watering gift of seasoning will take you on a flavor journey through American, the Mediterranean and Cuban cuisine all packaged in Burger Night gift box and handy shopper tote. Great for company cookouts, tailgates and so much more.

Browse our Food and Drink category to discover our selection of gourmet bundles, snacks, sweets, drinks and more.