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Healthy Eating Made Easy

02/05/2020 health_wellness

Celebrate National Nutrition Month this March with promotional items that raise awareness and encourage healthy eating habits. 

Avoiding junk food and maintaining a nutritious diet is often easier said than done. National Nutrition Month is an annual celebration dedicated to educating the importance of making healthy food choices.  Help spread awareness and check out products that will promote healthy eating habits and your brand! 


Salad Cup



Replacing one meal a day with a salad can help protect your heart, maintain a healthy weight, improve skin and so much more! The Salad Cup includes a snap-on fork and dressing container that gives recipients an easy and nutritious grab-and-go lunch they are sure to love. 


Tritan Infuser Bottle



Drinking plenty of water is a key component of overall health and nutrition. The Tritan Infuser Water Bottle adds flavor and nutrients to your water and makes it easier to reach the recommended eight cups a day. 


5-Piece Outdoor Wellness Set



Enjoy the great outdoors with the 5-Piece Outdoor Wellness Set. The kit includes hand sanitizer, sunscreen, after-burn spray, insect repellent, and after-bite spray making it perfect for picnics, camping and hiking. 


Wheat Utensil Lunch Set



Bringing lunch from home can help maintain energy levels, control portions, improve overall health and save money! The Wheat Utensil Lunch Set includes the container with fork and knife set that makes it incredibly easy to bring nutritious lunches from home. 


Celebrate National Nutrition Month! Contact your Staples Representative about placing an order. Don’t have a Staples Rep? Call 1.800.369.4669 or email to get started.