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Product Spotlight: Personalized Coffee Tumblers

05/30/2023 branding_basics

Personalized coffee tumblers are a perfect blend of versatility and practicality that adds a touch of uniqueness to your recipient's daily coffee experience. These tumblers preserve the ideal temperature of your colleagues', customers' and business partners' favorite beverage, ensuring every sip brings them a warm reminder of your company.

With their ingeniously portable design and convenient lids, these tumblers are the ultimate promo gifts for people with bustling commutes, thrilling travels, or who love to enjoy temperature controlled drinks throughout their day.

Best Custom Coffee Tumblers

When choosing the best coffee tumbler, you want to consider a few different qualities. Factors such as insulation performance, design, and desired maintenance level determine which material best fits your company’s needs. Due to their remarkable properties, copper and stainless steel are overall the best materials for coffee tumblers.

The Staples Promotional Products site offers copper and steel coffee tumblers from a variety of recognizable brands such as CamelBak, Basecamp and Corkcicle. Choosing between these two materials ultimately depends on your personal preferences and priorities. For example, copper tumblers excel in heat conductivity and aesthetic appeal, while stainless steel tumblers offer unmatched durability and ease of maintenance. However, many more differences between the two are essential to weigh before selection.

Copper Tumblers

Copper has exceptional thermal conductivity, quickly transferring heat and keeping hot beverages warm for longer. Whether you're sipping on a freshly brewed coffee, a soothing tea, or a steaming hot chocolate, copper's superior thermal conductivity helps preserve the desired temperature, providing a pleasurable and satisfying drinking experience.

The quick heat transfer characteristic of copper also allows for the efficient cooling of beverages. If you prefer cold drinks or enjoy iced coffees or teas, a copper tumbler can help cool down your beverage faster by dissipating the heat to the surroundings.

Copper tumblers are also known for their elegant and stylish appearance, adding a touch of sophistication to your coffee routine. Additionally, copper's natural ability to limit the growth and spread of bacteria, viruses & other harmful microorganisms keeps your tumbler clean and hygienic.

When copper comes into contact with these microorganisms, it releases ions that disrupt their cellular structure and metabolic processes, effectively restricting their ability to survive and multiply. This unique property of copper, known as the "oligodynamic effect," helps reduce harmful pathogens on the surface of personalized coffee tumblers.

By incorporating copper into the construction of custom mugs and tumblers, your company promo gift recipients can enjoy the added benefit of a natural defense against potential contamination. This natural defense makes copper tumblers an excellent choice for those who prioritize cleanliness, hygiene & health.

Steel Tumblers

Stainless steel is known for its superior durability, making it a reliable choice for custom coffee tumblers that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. These tumblers also provide excellent insulation, keeping your beverages hot or cold for extended periods. In addition, stainless steel is resistant to rust, corrosion & staining, making it easy to maintain and clean.

They can withstand exposure to various elements, including water, acids and alkaline substances, without undergoing significant chemical reactions or degradation. This corrosion resistance makes stainless steel cups suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as they can withstand challenging environments and maintain their structural integrity.

The smooth surface of stainless steel minimizes the adherence of substances like coffee, tea or other colored liquids, making it easier to clean and maintain the cups' appearance. Unlike porous materials, stainless steel cups do not absorb colors or retain odors, ensuring that your beverages within your personalized coffee tumblers taste fresh and that the cups remain visually appealing.

Bulk Coffee Tumblers

Purchasing coffee tumblers in bulk offers an incredible opportunity to enhance your brand, event, or organization with a unique and memorable touch. With customizations such as your logo and name, these tumblers become powerful branding tools, increasing brand recognition and leaving a lasting impression on a larger audience.

They serve as walking advertisements, promote your brand wherever they go, and effectively market your business or event, generating buzz and reaching a wider audience. As unforgettable gifts, personalized bulk coffee tumblers make a remarkable choice for corporate giveaways conveying appreciation and value through customized drinkware.

Additionally, these tumblers ensure consistency and cohesion, providing a unified and professional experience across your organization or event. Finally, they are not just customizable but also practical and reusable, offering a sustainable alternative to single-use cups while providing convenience to users

Personalized coffee tumblers are a great option if you want to give your recipients something practical that will last a long time. Browse our selection and create coffee tumblers with your company's logo or messaging at Staples Promotional Products.

Personalized Coffee Tumblers