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Product Spotlight: Personalized Luggage Tags

05/24/2023 branding_basics

Personalized luggage tags promote your brand around the world! By offering high-quality custom luggage tags, you can create a professional image for your company and increase brand awareness among your target customers far and wide.

If you're in the travel or tourism industry, offering custom luggage tags is the perfect branding tool to create a lasting impression with your customers. Or if your employees travel to different work locations, giving them a customized tag is a great way to show pride in your company.

According to the Bureau of Transportation, more than 405 million long-distance business trips occur per year. That’s a lot of mileage that these promotional travel accessories can go while advertising your company. Nearly every industry can benefit from this easy and cost-effective way to promote their brand to a large audience.

What Information Do You Put on a Luggage Tag?

It's beneficial to understand the impact of attaching fully filled-out luggage tags to every single one of your bags before embarking on your travels. Providing precise information on your tags can be a savior for your belongings.

Not only can airlines quickly identify tagged luggage in the event of loss or theft, but personalized luggage tags also help you pick up the correct bag from the carousel amidst a sea of similar suitcases. Below are the five key pieces of information you should have on your tag.

1. Name

Make sure to include your name exactly as written on your boarding passes. Large families traveling with multiple suitcases can opt to put one primary contact name, especially when traveling with children. However, if you don't feel comfortable putting your full name, your first initial and last name should be enough to help the airline find your luggage in case of loss.

2. Phone Number

A good phone number is the most effective way for airlines to reach you. If you’re traveling internationally, be sure to include the country code. Registering for certain phone apps that allow you to utilize mobile data or Wi-Fi can also be a smart idea. WhatsApp or Viber are two recommended communication apps you can use without issue while traveling abroad.

3. Email Address

An email address can be a helpful second point of contact if you don't have Wi-Fi or cell service. Additionally, airlines can look up this contact information and confirm flight communication for a lost bag. An email address is better to put instead of a physical home address. You should avoid putting your home address on your luggage tag. If someone sees this address, they'll know your home is currently vacant, making it a perfect target for theft.

4. Hotel or Destination Phone Number

Including the hotel or destination phone number on your luggage tags is wise for many travelers. It's beneficial when you won't have cell phone access in your travel area or experience technical issues like a dead battery or limited data. Also, if you're traveling internationally, don't forget to add the country code before the phone number.

Pro Tip: Make Sure Your Luggage Tag Info is Legible.

Writing down the above information on your luggage tag will give your airline everything they'll need to connect with you if your luggage is lost. However, having legible luggage tag information will ensure the earliest possible retrieval of your luggage.

How Do I Choose a Luggage Tag?

Choosing a luggage tag with the best features and material is essential to ensuring you have a smooth travel experience. Your tag should be not only durable but also easy to spot from a distance. Here's how you can choose the ideal luggage tag for your travel needs:

  • Decide on the features you want based on your needs and preferences. Some tags are more basic, providing the necessary information. However, others fold into a grab-and-go wallet. Narrow down what features matter to you and select your favorite option.
  • Choose the material. Staples Promotional Products offers personalized luggage tags in stainless steel, genuine leather, or leatherette.
  • Select a design that matches your personality. Whether you want a big, small, colorful, or minimalist tag. With so many options available, take this opportunity to find a design that adds some style and flair to your travels.

Custom Luggage Tags

Custom luggage tags with your business name or logo increase brand visibility and recognition throughout your employees or customers travels. With the number of employees frequently traveling for their job, it’s an easy advertising opportunity you want to take advantage of.

Staples Promotional Products has personalized luggage tags for every company's style and personality. Check out our site to view all of the materials, designs and features available for these products, along with other items made for hitting the road like personalized travel bags and much more!

Custom Luggage Tags