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Plans Change, Goals Don't

04/01/2020 worklife

When meeting in person isn’t an option, follow these tips for hosting effective virtual meetings, conferences, events and more to stay on track.  

Sometimes plans have to change. Smooth the transition from meeting in person to meeting virtually with these tips and tricks to increase productivity, engagement and decrease distractions.  


Technical Difficulties 

The two worst words for any virtual gathering. Having technical difficulties is not only a pain, but it can also make your brand seem less professional. To avoid complications, do a test run ahead of time to check and adjust volume, image quality, Wifi connection and any other materials or equipment being used. 


Stay on Task 

Show them that you value their time by not wasting it. Preparing ahead of time will keep things going and help avoid participants zoning out. Try creating an outline or a script of what you plan on sharing beforehand for reference with any videos, images or other presentation tools ready to go.  


Increasing Involvement 

Keeping an audience engaged is often what makes or breaks a virtual gathering. Give participants opportunities before, during and after the gathering to ask questions, share ideas and catch up with each other. Designating this time will keep participants interested, engaged and included in the conversation.  


For more ideas and inspiration, check out these exciting products perfect for keeping participants engaged, involved and included when meeting virtually.  

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