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Products on Par

03/24/2021 industry_insights, branding_basics, seasonal

Get out on the green and learn more about how golf promotional products can help tee your brand up for success. 

Springtime means it’s time to get back into the (golf) swing of things. Whether they play 9 or 18 holes; recipients will love your brand for giving them an opportunity to get out of their home or office to enjoy some exercise and fresh air.  Check out some of our favorite custom golf accessories & outdoor products and learn more about how to win big with your audience.

Golfing Popularity Growth

Much like baseball or football, golf has quickly become one of America’s favorite pastimes. According to Statista, almost 24 million people in the United States are golf players.

Almost 24 million people play golf in the United States

In 2020, many new and seasoned golfers turned to the courses as a safe way to stay active while getting out of their homes. The National Golf Foundation (NGF) found that golf courses hit a record of 3 million new players. Additionally, the NGF found that there was almost a 14 percent increase in rounds-played in the United States since 2019.

In the last five years, Google saw a 20 percent increase in searches involving golf balls and golf clubs specifically. This growing popularity is going to continue as more people fall in love with the sport, making it the perfect branding opportunity.

Corporate Events on the Course

Make your corporate events the highlight of the spring and summer seasons! As the weather gets warmer, golf courses become an ideal location to safely host fundraisers, tournaments, and more. Use this as an opportunity to spread brand awareness long after the event is over with items like polos, golf balls and more to help recipients associate your brand with the fun they had the next time they golf.

While enjoying the nice day on the course, your brand can also use the quality time with associates, clients, partners and more to foster relationships or collaborate professionally.

Classic and Reliable Merchandise

For dependable items that everyone can appreciate, golf is the way to go. Year after year, the styles and merchandise for golf are extremely consistent. The traditional products and classic apparel make it easy to give customized items that never go out of style. Recipients will be prepared and able to represent your brand in style on the course with the high-quality promo you give them for multiple years to come.

Many important business dealings are made on golf courses. With high-perceived status and value, golfing products and apparel are great for impressing even the most important recipients. Ideal for executive gifting solutions, recipients will be impressed with your brand and think of you every time they hit the course.

Learn more about how branded golf items can give your brand “hole in one” results and check out SPP Trends: 2021 April Product Ideas and Tee Up for National Golf Month for additional ideas, inspiration and more.

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