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Promo Makeover

01/06/2021 branding_basics

Thinking about revamping your brand? Follow these tips and tricks to stay up to date with the latest trends and styles while developing deeper connections with your brand’s audience. 

As the new year begins, it brings a great opportunity to redevelop marketing and branding strategies. Giving your brand a promo makeover can help your business develop stronger brand loyalty while developing new connections with clients, customers and more. Keep your brand in the spotlight for years to come with these helpful tips and tricks to help your brand stay connected and engaged with your audience. 


Don’t Settle For Stuff Over Strategy

Brand loyalty can make or break a business. Choosing the perfect promotional items to create innovative experiences can help your brand develop a close relationship with your audience. While you focus on providing the best work to your audience, our team is dedicated to making your brand stand out by staying up to date with the latest styles and trends to choose products that truly communicate your brand's values, image and true essence. 


Bring the Virtual to Reality

It’s no secret that having a solid online presence has become increasingly important for brands to succeed and connect in the future. As the world transitions to hosting events, meetings and more online, it can be challenging to develop a deep connection with an audience. Keep your brand ahead of the curve by sending items to make engaging and connecting online easier. Recipients will love continuing to use the products after the gathering and appreciate your brands taking the extra step to ensure they feel connected and engaged with the experience.


Think Inside the Box

Nothing beats the feeling of receiving a gift in the mail.  Set your brand apart by sending kits to make milestones, first impressions and more an experience they’ll never forget. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to strategically create curated kits with both innovative packaging and merchandising solutions to properly display your brand's image, values and messaging. 


Keep Visiting

As part of our efforts to keep your brand's image fresh and inspired, our experts at SPP are proud to provide access to the latest in promotional products. Throughout the year, our experienced merchandising specialists research the latest and upcoming trends to ensure your brand is able to select the best of the best.  To keep your brand in the spotlight with the most current trends, make sure to check out our new idea books, blogs and trend briefs for ideas, inspiration and more.  


Let’s get started! Contact your Staples Representative for more ideas, inspiration or to place an order. Don’t have a Staples Rep? Call 1.800.369.4669 or email to get started.