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Real Estate Promotional Items

07/14/2023 branding_basics

Real estate is one of the most competitive industries in the country, with more than 1.53 million realtors operating in the U.S. as of February 2023. While having a well-designed website and social media presence used to help real estate professionals stand out from the crowd, however, those marketing tools are just considered standard these days.

What are some other ways you can help your personal brand as a realtor or real estate agency rise above the competition? Well, custom real estate promotional items can be quite a powerful marketing tool, increasing brand recognition, fostering community connections, and effectively generating word of mouth marketing.

Additionally, the right promotional items will not only build your brand, but also reinforce your real estate expertise, as well as your commitment to client care and appreciation. Let’s dive into what promotional materials look like in the real estate industry, as well as some of the best items to personalize.

What is Promotional Material in Real Estate?

Promotional materials are one of the various marketing tools realtors use to generate interest in their properties and services, as well as stand out from other competitors in the industry. These materials are typically physical, such as signage or swag, and can include a realtor’s personal contact information, details about the firm they work for, or even listing-specific information for certain properties they’re selling. Whether you’re a stand-alone broker, an agent, or an agency owner, customizing high-quality promotional materials is key to spreading the word about your services, generating leads, and building a reputable real estate brand in your local community.

Real Estate Swag Ideas

Custom Real Estate Signs

When you think of real estate marketing products, we’ll bet that one of the first things that comes to mind is a bench or billboard with a realtor’s face on them. So, it should be no surprise to know that custom flags and banners are among the most popular promotional materials used in the real estate industry. Banners and sidewalk signs specifically are often used to promote open houses on the street or spread the word about your services, and can be customized with images, your brand logo and colors, as well as any other text. Plus, these types of signs are built to last to be used long-term, versus something like a single-use flyer.

Real Estate Shirts

When in doubt, go the route of custom t-shirts – because everyone loves receiving a free shirt! In fact, a recent poll found that t-shirts are the top item that Americans love to receive as swag. When these tees are customized with your logo, contact information, or slogan, recipients who wear them will be promoting your real estate services wherever they wear them. Additionally, if you’re an agency or brokerage, you can customize different styles of shirts for your team to wear at the office or property showings.

Real Estate Magnets

Magnets are a highly visible promotional item that you can distribute in a variety of places, including at open houses, community events, or via direct mail. They can easily be placed on refrigerators, filing cabinets and other metal surfaces, serving as a convenient reminder of your real estate services and contact information. Additionally, real estate magnets are cost-effective and have a long lifespan, giving you budget friendly, consistent brand exposure.

Realtor Pens

Pens are another popular promotional item for real estate professionals, especially since buying and selling homes involves a lot of paperwork. They’re a practical item to give away while touring potential buyers, as they’re sure to want to jot down notes about the property. And when they’re done with their tour, custom pens will serve as a convenient reminder of how to get in touch if they have any questions. Additionally, realtor pens are a perfect item to pass out at community events and real estate conferences.

Realtor Notepads

Similar to pens, custom notepads are also much needed at open houses and property tours, making them an ideal real estate swag item. You could even personalize a pen and notepad set, providing your audience with ultimate convenience. Beyond real estate settings, clients can use realtor notepads at home, in the office, or on-the-go for note taking – and whenever they do, they’ll be reminded of you and your real estate offerings.

Real Estate Awards

Realtors are often recognized for their accomplishments with awards, often symbolized by custom plaques and trophies. From engraved crystal sculptures to basic glass blocks, these real estate awards can be prominently displayed in offices or reception areas, showcasing the expertise of the realtor or company. This instills confidence in potential clients and sets your services apart from the competition.

Design Your Real Estate Marketing Products

With more than 2,500 products ready to customize, we’ve only scratched the surface of promotional items you can personalize for your real estate brand. Start designing your own swag today with your brand colors, logo, slogan and more when you shop marketing products from Staples Promo.

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