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Relax More, Stress Less

03/04/2020 health_wellness worklife

It’s time to unwind. Take a break to relax and rejuvenate with some stress-free swag.

Relaxing, meditating and taking the necessary time for self-care is often easier said than done. Check out this swag that promotes and encourages relaxation and mental wellness.

Yoga Products with Branded Logo


According to the Mayo Clinic, Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety by incorporating body and mind exercises. The Foldable Yoga Mat is perfect for relaxing while getting a great workout and is ideal for using at home or in the classroom. Be sure to pair it with the Cotton Yoga Mat Strap for easy on-the-go-access and moisture-wicking Workout Towel for cooling down.

Phone Detox

Phone Lock Box

Taking a break from distractions by meditating can have a significant impact on stress levels. The Phone Lock Box offers a way to be less tempted by distractions while taking time to relax. Simply put the phone in the box and lock it up. As a bonus, the opening on the bottom of the box allows the phone to charge while locked inside.

Spa Day

Comfort Set

Nothing says relaxation like a warm cup of tea and a nice bath. The Comfort Set has all the essentials for unwinding, including essential oil-infused soap, a pumice stone and a 2-pack Tazo Green Tea. Use the set as an incentive prize or giveaway item that is sure to be loved by all!

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