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Socially Distanced Season

09/23/2020 seasonal

Stay connected while celebrating a socially distant season with gifts even the most tech-savvy person will love.  

This year people are relying more and more on video conferences, smartphones and other devices to stay connected with their friends, family and coworkers. Help create a high-tech holiday for everyone on your list with products perfect for celebrating a socially distant season.  



Touch Tool with Greeting Card  

Increase your brand exposure while limiting germs. Avoid nasty bacteria and more on everyday items like cellphones, door handles, keypads and more with the Touch Tool with Greeting Card. Perfectly sized, this gift is ideal for sending in the mail and even includes a card to send the right message this season.  


Blue Light Glasses 

Keep your eye on the must-have gift this holiday season. For video chats, online meetings and more, recipients will appreciate the prevented strain and damage on their eyes from continuous screen use with Blue Light Glasses. Learn more about the benefits of blue light glasses and read Product Spotlight: Blue Light Glasses or Save your Vision to find additional accessories to pair with them with.  


Pixie Light 

It’s amazing what the right lighting can do! Get the perfect picture every time with the mini on-the-go studio Pixie Light. Simply attach to any smartphone for high-quality selfies, family photos and more!  


Browse the Tech section of the Seasonal Idea Book for more ideas and inspiration in creating a uniquely positive gifting experience this season.   



Have a holly jolly high-tech holiday. Contact your Staples Representative for more ideas, inspirations or to place an order today. Don’t have a Staples Rep? Call 1.800.369.4669 or email to get started.