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SPP Trends: Bird Watching

05/07/2021 styles_trends

Get immersed in nature and discover the beauty of bird watching with branded products and merchandise that promote relaxation, adventure and your brand.  


Summer is the perfect time to encourage employees, clients, customers and more to take an active adventure. Why not use this summer as an opportunity to get them hooked on a new hobby? Learn more about how branded bird-watching items can be a surprising and unique way to get out and relax this summer.  


Finding Their Favorite New Hobby  


Whether in your own backyard or hiking along a wooded trail, bird watching is a delightful way to escape our technology-driven lives. Bird watching can be a relaxing hobby enjoyed from a comfy lawn chair or it can be an exciting challenge to add new and unusual birds to your life list.   


Bird watching can also provide a sense of community and can be a great way to meet new people. Bird watching groups host activities like guided tours or bird counts that bring people together to share their love for our feathered friends.   


Mental Health and Wellness 


It’s no secret that many people are searching for new ways to get out of their homes. Providing an outlet for recipients to immerse themselves in nature can improve their overall mental health and sense of well-being.  


According to the Audubon Society, birding improves our mental mindset.  Being outside reduces our sense of isolation as well as stress and anxiety.  Listening to bird calls can also help improve sensory awareness and become one with nature and our surroundings. 


Ready to discover the beauty of bird watching? Check out some of our favorite products selected by our merchandising experts that would be perfect for expert and beginner bird watchers.  



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