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SPP Trends: Gentle and Soothing

07/12/2021 styles_trends

Focus on both physical and mental wellness with products that encourage wellness and mindfulness.

The wellness industry seeks to heal scars and fractures. Wellness becomes top of mind for people, creeping into every facet of our lives—developing into more than just a market but a healing philosophy. Incorporating elements of self-care, exercise, nutrition and more into your branding can make audiences feel better about themselves and your business.

What was once seen as an aspirational trend and a profitable luxury has now grown into a necessity for brands and consumers alike. No matter the industry, companies are repositioning themselves to integrate wellness into their strategy and cater to a new demand that places healing at the forefront of purchasing considerations. Brands are reinventing themselves to become a healer and supplier, with health and wellness embedded in their messaging, product development, and brand experiences.

Now more than ever, it’s important for brands to reach out to customers, employees and more to recognize and support both physical and mental health and wellness. According to Fashion Snoops, 73% of consumers believe that brands should have a wellness strategy as part of their core mission and are prioritizing wellness when they shop, Ogilvy found after questioning 7,000 consumers across 14 countries.

Sending promotional products is a great way to encourage practicing healthy lifestyles. Recipients will recognize the effort and start to associate your brand with being helpful, generous, kind and supportive.  Discover neutral colors, athletic materials and relaxing vibes to showcase your brand while encouraging a healthy lifestyle for your audience.

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