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SPP Trends: Homebody Economy

07/26/2021 styles_trends

Explore the great indoors with promotional and branded products that encourage spending time at home.  


We all know home is where the heart is, but these days, home is where everything is. In recent years, people across the world have transitioned to working from home, vacationing at home and so much more. While this has made some things more complicated, it has allowed many to reevaluate their lives to make their everyday schedules simpler and carefree.  


Discover how your brand can be welcomed into your audience's home with soft, comfortable and entertaining branded items everyone will love.  


Living Life at Home 


Staying in is the new going out. People around the world are making the most out of staying home and investing in everything from comfort to entertainment.  


The Homebody Economy has evolved over the past year.  Contactless home delivery has expanded.  Now, more than ever, there are more food delivery services, online cooking classes, web-based media and entertainment options.  We also feel more confident visiting our doctors via Zoom, working out in virtual gyms and gaming with our friends and family thru various apps.  


Promotional products that support this trend show that companies are recognizing the importance of staying at home for health and time-saving reasons. When your brand gives items that make it easier and more fun to stay in, recipients will start to associate their new memories with your brand and see that your brand shares the same values that they care about.  


Discover how to encourage their best life at home with products that promote comfort, entertainment, family time while also promoting your brand.  



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