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SPP Trends: Journaling Journey

11/20/2020 styles_trends

Whether they are jotting down ideas, sketching designs, taking notes or even just embracing their inner doodlebug, start them on their journaling journey with accessories everyone will love.

The journal is a great way of tracking what we do and why we do it. The journal can also serve as a powerful learning tool.  What we write speaks volumes about who we are and our state of mind. Our words can also impact how we perceive the world and how we will feel going forward.

Journaling doesn’t just include the journal or notebook.  Accessories such as pens, clips, and organizational pouches are an important part of your journaling journey! Journals come in a variety of materials, closures, colors, prints & patterns for the perfect fit for everyone! Adding a gift box or customized packaging like a belly band is a great way to add interest and value.  



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