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SPP Trends: Mobility and Multifunction

09/02/2021 styles_trends

Discover how practical promo focused on mobility and functionality can help win over your audience.  


Every day is a new opportunity to get something accomplished. Now more than ever, consumers are searching for products and services that make remote work and their professional lives work smarter not harder. 


Why is Mobility and Multifunction Trending? 


Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to the new pace of the world. As our lifestyles continue to evolve, our time has become more precious than ever. The future of mobility and our access to the world will be transformed by technological innovation, which includes the continued need to “work smart.” This puts an increased emphasis on saving time with the use of multifunctional items. 


Fast, easy and autonomous nature are all buzzwords that lend themselves to the push for the popularity of multifunctional items. Consumers are now making their own choices as it relates to what they want, how they want to receive it, and what these items or experiences can add to their life.  


Branding with Practicality in Mind 


Knowing how chaotic our lives can get, don’t add additional clutter to the mix. Branded products should be intentional and selected with practical purposes in mind.  


Keeping your branding fresh and practical with items that help with their everyday lives keeps recipients interested and excited about working or shopping with your brand in the future. Choosing items focused on mobility and multifunctionality shows recipients that your brand wants to alleviate their stress while avoiding associating your brand with clutter they need to deal with.  


Instead of presenting something flashy, present items that won't be overwhelming or difficult to match. Mobility and Multifunction graphics present themselves as minimal line drawings, small and repetitive icons and the muted neutral tones of a bold color palette. Black and white text and backgrounds paired with pastel colors allow the main ideas to shine and get what may be multiple ideas across harmoniously.  


Discover efficiency and learn more about the design and purpose of products focused on mobility and multifunction.  



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