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SPP Trends: Plant Parents

01/22/2021 styles_trends

Create a zen and peaceful environment with items perfect for expert and first-time plant parents.


Whether you have a natural green thumb or desperately need “Water Me Wednesday” reminders, evidence of all things green has become a staple in many of our quarantine environments. A need for something to nurture and tend to has now resulted in a going-green “baby” boom and created a rise in the number of new plant parents.


A soothing and natural aesthetic has become increasingly important as we all adapt to spending more time at home. Color palettes rooted in (no pun intended) the obvious shades of green and neutral terracotta are an easy addition to various styles of home or office décor.


As a self-proclaimed plant parent, you can reap the benefits of purified air, stress relief, and many more advantages from your plant babies. The only challenge left is how to normalize plant showers and registries.


Discover all this and more to give the expert and first-time owners the plant paradise they deserve. 



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