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SPP Trends: Pride Month

05/17/2021 styles_trends branding_basics

Celebrate diversity, discover ways to assist in creating a more inclusive society, and learn more about the history of the LGBTQ+ community. 


Share that you’re an LGBTQ+ advocate by investing in custom merchandise which will show support for years to come. 


Why Celebrate Pride? 


When you spread love, people notice. Continued progress for diversity and inclusion depends on support, engagement, and celebration of the LGBTQ community.  By showing support and awareness the greater public can promote dignity, equal-rights, self-affirmation, and help to increase society’s attention on a variety of LGBTQ issues. 

Whether they are an ally or part of the LGBTQ community themselves, people appreciate brands showing their support and raising awareness and acceptance. Encouraging open discussions and creating safe spaces to support equality both in and out of the workplace is a great way for brands to show the world and their associates that they are proud to be an ally.  


Pride Events


Pride events take place around the world throughout the year and during Pride month in June. Traditionally these annual celebrations include marches, parades and festivals. However, many people are finding new creative ways to celebrate.  

Providing a creative and memorable experience can make the audience feel connected no matter how they are able to celebrate. Participating in social media trends, hosting online parties or distributing rainbow-themed swag are all great ways to show support to all members and allies of the community. Audience members will appreciate all your brand’s efforts and see you as a fellow ally willing to support and participate in the community.

Invite others to recognize an impactful movement through the month of June and beyond. Organize virtual entertainment such as dance parties, independent 5K’s and more. Get the conversation started when it comes to creating a positive and inclusive environment – Show your pride! 



For more information on the history of pride or additional ideas and inspiration for celebrating and showing support, check out Guide to Pride


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