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SPP Trends: Return to the Office Amenities

06/14/2021 styles_trends, worklife

Think ahead with extra amenities to show your appreciation while keeping your team engaged and safe. 


Getting back into the swing of things comes with its own challenges. As more discussion are being had and plans being made for a variety of return-to-the-office strategies, thinking through extra amenities and ways to keep your team engaged will be a great step in showing appreciation for employees. Discover six different things your brand should consider and solutions for engaging ways to show how much you appreciate your employees while getting them excited to go back to the workplace.  


Office Essentials 


Knowing your employee’s functions and needs in mind will be essential in providing appropriate workspaces for when they return to the office. Concerns will vary from safety & security to wellness, to how flexible physical spaces will be. 


Nutritional Amenities 

Overall health and well-being in the workplace can be impacted by eating well and solid nutrition. Providing opportunities for employees to take a break and refuel will be an important step in welcoming them back to the office. 


New Work Uniforms 


As employees return to the office in a variety of schedules, having the comfort of “at-home” dressing with a more professional look and feel will be another important aspect of having adjusted amenities. The new work uniform will be a mix of business, casual, and a little in between. 


Health and Wellness 


Health and wellness will continue to be an important quality of well-engaged, happy employees.  Designing spaces that are designated for specific wellness goals paired with incentives for participation are good examples of ways to show team members that they are valued and appreciated. 




People returning to the office are expecting that there will a lot of spaces and opportunities to socialize. Making those spaces a fun environment to interact in will be key to keeping them happy.  


Work Community 


When employees form strong bonds and relationships with their co-worker's community is created. Finding opportunities for teams to participate, create, design, grow, build, and contribute are fantastic ways to build a well-connected work community. 



For additional ways to welcome everyone back to the office, read SPP Trends: Desk Ideas, SPP Trends: Welcome Back and Strides in Safety for additional ideas and inspiration.  


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