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SPP Trends: Safety and Security

03/22/2021 styles_trends

Stay safe and sound with some of our favorite tech products to promote safety and security while promoting your brand.  


“Once a bastion for only the most tech-savvy homeowners, today the market for smart home technology is expanding at an unprecedented rate. From smart lighting to smart thermostats, manufacturers are making more intelligent products and selling more units”. –EATON “Powering Business Worldwide” 


Why is Home Safety and Security Important?

According to the FBI statistics, a burglar strikes every 30 seconds in the United States. That adds up to two burglaries every minute and over 3,000 burglaries per day.  The New York Times reports that out of 127.59 million households in the United States, only 36 million have security systems. That means less than 30 percent of Americans are equipped with at-home security systems and technology.  


Work-From-Home Protection

As more aspects of our lives are transitioning online, many are adapting to a work-from-home environment. Protecting our devices as well as securing our homes are key factors to maintaining a safe and secure workspace. As technology continues to develop, Smart Houses are a growing trend making it easier than ever to ensure home safety and security. 


Your Brand Can Help

Help your audience keep their home safe and sound with the latest sought-after promotional products in home security technology. Recipients will appreciate the added security and associate their newfound peace of mind with your brand. Learn more about how your brand can provide safety and security with some of our favorite tech items selected by our expert merchandising team.  



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