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Stretch Your Small Business

01/29/2020 branding_basics worklife

Discover big opportunities for your small business by learning how to make the most of your marketing budget and efforts.

You have big dreams for your small business. Having a good marketing strategy can help turn those dreams into reality without breaking the bank. Follow these tips and tricks to show off all the great things your business has to offer while making the most out of your time, budget and energy.

Online Engagement

Utilizing websites, blogs, emails and social media provides a way to encourage people to get involved and stay connected with your business. Online communication tools are also great for sharing updates, reminders and showing off what your business has to offer. If you want to take it a step further, consider offering deals, promotions, coupons or sneak peaks to exclusive customers who follow your social media, or are part of your email list. Loyal customers will appreciate the gesture and new customers will keep a closer eye on your business.

Community Engagement

Small businesses are the heart, soul and back bone of several communities across America. The more involved your business is, the more likely your brand will be viewed as a pillar of the community. Participating, sponsoring or hosting things like fundraisers, festivals and functions offers the perfect opportunity to get face-to-face interaction with customers and build brand loyalty.

Giveaway Tips

Giveaway items can be an extremely effective marketing tool to help your business go the extra mile. Be sure to choose unique swag that will surely be the talk of the town. We recommend handing out promo products for community events, parades or the first 50 customers who visit one morning.

Aluminum Cell Phone Ring & Stand, Pocket Spray Hand Sanitizer and Alligator Clip

The Aluminum Cell Phone Ring and Stand is a great option for higher-end gift that is still extremely affordable. As a bonus, recipients will be reminded of your business every time they use their phone. Another tried and true item is the Pocket Spray Hand Sanitizer which is perfect by itself, or paired with other items for a gift bag. If you plan on giving away items to several people, choose the cost-efficient Alligator Clip – perfect for hanging notes, artwork and good grades on the refrigerator.

Contact your Staples Representative for more ideas and inspiration to stretch your small business. Don’t have a Staples Rep? Call 1.800.369.4669 or email to get started.