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Tell Your Brand Story with #OurSwagStory

03/20/2019 industry_insights

Your Brand Story Inside a Kit


One of the key pieces for a sales rep is the brand story kit (better known as – the sales kit). This kit helps them create a memorable introduction to themselves and your brand. It includes essentials such as contact information, brand capabilities information, product flyers and some free promo items.


Capabilities Talk the Talk, Brand Story Kits Walk the Walk


Why are promo items so important to a sales rep’s success? Promo items help differentiate your reps and your brand story from the pack. Papers get lost or recycled, emails get deleted or lost in the shuffle, phone calls get ignored. Promo products stick around though. 


Make Your Brand Story Kit a Swag-worthy


Think of the last time you received a thoughtful kit of branded items from a key vendor. Were the pieces inside useful to you? Did the branding they used to represent their organization also resonate with you – whether because they were trending with patterns and designs that appealed to you or because the message, item and delivery were on point? Or was a box of giveaways dropped off at the front desk with a business card asking you to get in touch with them at your earliest convenience?


We’ve all been recipients to both of these kits. But one stands out above the others. It takes work and effort to reach the end goal all marketing teams dream of their sales reps supporting. From getting sales trained and willing to go the extra step, to the actual items themselves. Sometimes you can’t control everything, but what you can control can be powerful.


Creating a Great Kit to Tell Your Brand Story


So what can you control to ensure your kit creates a moment with your recipient? Here are a few tips:


Work with a creative partner to develop the artwork that will be imprinted on your products.

Ensure they know best practices for design, including the file types you (and your promo product provider) need in order to create the end item


Find the merchandise that fits your brand, and your brand’s audience best.

What will speak to your buyers and set you apart from the competition? This might require some legwork that your in-house team just doesn’t have the resources to support. So that leads us to…


Find a promotional products provider that can support with one or both of the above.

Your provider should have the knowledge of what's trending as far as merchandise and how you're decorating the products you’re buying to make your kit stand out.


Ask yourself if you want to order everything online and only rely on the team of experts to guide you to the products; or work with a representative who talks you through the process and products.


How do you get your sales team to take the extra time to make the delivery truly memorable?

Think through the 2 ways they are likely to create a moment with the buyer.

  • In-person drop-off:
    • Give them talking points to help them get through any questions their prospects might have when receiving the items.
    • Ensure the kit is handed off with a clear understanding that it isn’t a gift, but something useful for the contact as they consider their options. (The capabilities pieces will be key here.) 
  • Front desk delivery:
    • Because it inevitably will happen, provide them with a styled communication piece that helps tell the story.
    • Why is the person receiving this item selected?
    • How can the recipient share and use the insights & fun products inside with their teams?
    • Who is it all from and who should they contact after opening?
  • Follow up plan:
    • Regardless of how it’s delivered, give your sales crew a follow up they can send via email and/or phone call to their contact.


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