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Top Personalized Camping Gifts to Design with Your Company Logo

05/15/2023 #seasonal

Americans spend $167 billion on camping gear, accessories, and trip-related expenses each year. Choosing personalized camping gifts as promotional items will add value to your outdoor-loving customers' lives while spreading brand awareness throughout popular camping grounds and customer backyards.

Below are some of the top personalized camping gifts both avid hikers and backyard s'mores roasters will enjoy.

Custom Camping Mugs

Custom camping mugs are fun gifts for outdoor enthusiasts and campers to enjoy all year round. You can personalize camping mugs on our site with your company name or logo, which means that every time your target audience sips their coffee, tea or hot cocoa, they'll think of your brand.

The best part? These mugs are not just for hot beverages but also perfect for soups and stews. These versatile gifts are made of high-quality materials like stainless steel or ceramic, making these custom camping mugs durable and built to last, even on your customers’ rugged camping trips.

Plus, these camping promotional items are eco-friendly, reducing waste caused by single-use plastic cups. With a variety of sizes & styles available, you can choose the perfect camping mug for your promotional campaign. Get customers ready for an outdoor adventure with one of our many custom mugs.

Personalized Camping Chairs & Hammocks

Whether your customers are avid hikers, campers or just love spending time outdoors, these personalized camping chairs are the perfect addition to their gear. These sturdy camping chairs are lightweight and portable, making them a breeze to take on any adventure. A great alternative is a hammock that allows for extra comfort and relaxation.

From camping trips to picnics in the park, your customers will be sitting or lying comfortably while enjoying nature. These camping promotional items vary in style including products that give a retro look, ones that fold up easily for carrying and also include those from popular name brands such as Basecamp® and High Sierra®.

Camping Promotional Items

Camping Lanterns

Outdoor enthusiasts know the importance of having a reliable light source when out in the wilderness. That's why camping lanterns are a must-have for your personalized camping gifts.

Not only do they provide safety by helping customers avoid hazards in the dark, but they're also portable. Customers can take them camping, hiking, fishing, or to their local park. A customized lantern branded with your company logo makes them an excellent promotional item for your business.

Custom Camping Blankets

Promotional blankets are a perfect personalized camping gift for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a portable ground cover for a multitude of activities. Not only do they promote your brand and increase company awareness, but they also offer versatility, comfort, durability and customization.

Whether used strictly for camping or also as a custom picnic blanket, on the beach or for another outdoor adventure, these products are made of soft, cozy materials like fleece or cotton to make them comfortable to use & warm during chilly nights. These high-quality promo items can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring your customers can use them for years.

In addition, custom camping blankets can be tailored to your choice of colors, designs, and logos, making them a unique and special gift for your target audience.

Custom Camping Tents

One of the most important parts of camping for many people is where they sleep for the night. That’s where a tent can make or break the entire experience and adding your logo or messaging to a good-quality promo product will associate your brand with the memory they have in nature.

Give your customers the gift of adventure with custom camping tents that'll shelter them from the outdoor elements in style. Not only will they be able to enjoy the great outdoors, but they'll also be spreading the word about your brand every time they set up camp.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate utilizing these fun promotional camping products for their outdoor activities all year round, increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty for your business. Shop on our site to discover all the personalized camping gifts we have to offer.