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Types of Beanies

12/19/2022 branding_basics

Branded beanies are one of the more popular items on Staples Promotional Products, especially for those looking for their brand to be seen during the winter. That’s because they’re really useful for staying stylish while keeping warm.

There are several promotional beanie hats that you can get on our site, so let’s take a look at all of the various kinds of this trendy headwear that can be worn.

Different Types of Beanies

Knit Beanie

A good amount of the beanies you see during the colder times of year are knit. There are different ways how to knit a beanie, hence why there are several distinctive patterns that can help have your company logo be a part of a signature look.

Cuffed Beanie

Whether you’re a kid playing in the snow or an adult looking to keep warm, it’s pretty well guaranteed that you’ve worn a cuffed beanie. The reason why there’s a cuff is because it’s purposely made with extra material, that way you can fold the beanie to best fit your head! Because of the customization you can do with them, cuffed beanies are one of the more commonly ordered promotional products on our site!

Cuffless Beanie

There are some beanies that don’t have a cuff. The cuffless beanie provides a unique style all its own since the fabric is lengthy enough to cover the ears and a logo typically located towards the bottom, so it rests on the forehead.

Pom Pom Beanie

One common fashion accessory that typically gets attached to beanies is a pom pom. The pom pom beanie helps the person wearing it show off their personality since the pom can be colored to either match the rest of the hat or differently to show some contrast. Either way, any logo added to the hat will still be easily seen.

Earflap Beanie

The earflap beanie is similar to the cuffless beanie in that the fabric is long enough to stretch all the way down to the forehead. But the key difference between the beanies is that the former has earflaps that are designed to provide even more warmth during colder weather. Some of these hats also include tassels that are designed for fashion and the functionality to keep the earflaps in place.

Types of Beanies

How to Wear a Beanie

There are a few different factors to consider when putting a beanie hat on your head. The first is what your hairstyle is since that will determine the best way how to wear a beanie, with shorter hair needing to be groomed back to minimize the odds your haircut looks crazy when removing it and longer hair being worn down or in a low ponytail if that’s your personality.

Next will be the cuffing of the beanie. You can choose to leave your hat uncuffed, cuff it once to help keep you warm, vary the cuffing from front to back (typically increasing the cuff size as it moves away from your face) or cuffing it twice to expose some of your hair.

And of course, you can’t forget about the fact that promotional beanies are a fashion statement. A few considerations to make when wearing one of these hats:

  • Placing above the ears for a more casual look when it’s not too cold outside
  • If you want the hipster look, make sure there’s extra material at the top to resemble a fisherman beanie
  • Make the back slouchy so the fabric bunches up, a look popularized by David Beckham
  • Ensuring that it matches other parts of your outfit including your coat or jacket, pants, shirt & any other accessories you may choose
  • Make sure the beanie is the right fit for the shape of your face & head

How to Customize a Beanie


As you can see from the various types of beanies above, you can personalize the headwear you order based on the style that best fits your company’s image. Not to mention the number of different patterns you can pick from ranging from a plain unicolor beanie to multicolored hats and those with stripes, ribbing or plaid.


Your company may identify better with certain brands based on the industry you’re in, the reputation & perception said brand has and the look & comfort said brand delivers. Here are a few of the name-brand beanies that you can get on this site:


Every company has a different color theme that best represents its branding. And this can be shown through the promotional beanies that can be ordered, with each product being available in multiple colors and shades. The number of options depend on the specific item and can be previewed with your logo.

If you’re in the market for a cold-weather product that fits your brand’s image, check out all of the branded beanie hats that are offered here at Staples Promotional Products! That way your company logo can be seen anywhere a beanie gets worn.