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Virtual Recruiting Series: Offer and Accept

07/14/2020 worklife

Time to celebrate a new member of the team! Get new recruits ready for their future careers with swag they'll be proud to flaunt. 

Commemorate this exciting stage of life with products that say, "we can't wait to start working with you!"  New employees will be ecstatic to have a tangible item when sharing the news of their acquired job position with friends and family. In turn, your business will gain impressions from the announcement, and have added opportunity to expand marketing efforts. 



Compress T-shirt 

Send out this shaped compressed t-shirt w/ a handwritten letter from the hiring manager as a unique, whimsical way to offer your potential new employee the position. Just drop it in water and wait for the magic!  


Custom Mailer Socks 

Make sure they don’t get cold feet about accepting the job offer. Welcome your new hire to their new position w/ these custom socks. They will appreciate the gesture and love showing their new company pride 


Backpack Bundle 

Provide your potential new hire with this grey heathered kit. Incorporate NFC technology into either the journal or the backpack to provide an easy access URL. Direct them to any HR resource page to provide any needed information before the first day. While providing them with a useful in-person first day kit. 




Custom Cardboard VR 

Let new hires get an idea of what their new office will look like before they arrive. Send them the Custom Cardboard VR so they can see break rooms, office space or even what restaurants are nearby.  


Rocketbook Notebook  

The Rocketbook Core Smart Notebook provides a classic pen and paper experience; yet is built for the digital age. Although it feels like a traditional notebook, the Core is endlessly reusable and connected to all your favorite cloud services. A great way for your potential new hire to write down all their questions before the first day. Line up virtual meet and greets within the company to help answer all those questions. Providing a first day of answers and meeting new people in place of anxiety. 


Bamboo Wireless Tray 

Give them an easy way to charge their phone with the Bamboo Wireless Tray. The perfect solution for both corporate and home offices.  


Welcome new talent the right way. Contact your Staples Representative for ideas, inspiration or to place an order today! Don’t have a Staples Rep? Call 1.800.369.4669 or email to get started.